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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Rest assured, this, military exercise, has been thought out long and hard, and it will happen.

We, as a populous have no control at this point, we exercised that away at the polls, as my Father and Brother (West Point 1952, and 1982 respectively) made this abundantly clear to this Obama supporter thus far, the son and the youngest brother!

Never think my mind is made up, as I am a Republican, seeking Peace, and looking to restore balance that I see the democrats are doing best over all for now, but enough about of my own flexibility, as usual we are, as a nation perplexed.

What we are faced with is a seemingly uni-lateral act of your perception;

1) we are going to defend those assaulted by chemical weapons (not to state we never use them ourselves)


2) we are going to play in to the hands of our largest enemies and actually [i][b]invade[/b][/i] another nation in the process, and further hinder our pathetic foreign policy, which is not even as respectable as a slap in the face!


...never look the greater evil, of the combines cons all against us !!!

Interestingly, Kerry states what would happen if we do nothing?

We have done nothing thus far, and by now placing our war chest on the table and threatening to do something, which is well planned and long term positioning without a doubt, we further lambast a very tired subject here and abroad, war!

We, as nation, as a collective core of citizens, are undoubtedly tired of warfare!

We as a nation are supposed to, at the same time, defend Freedom, and as I grew up that was here and abroad, however I think this is now to often a veil we hide behind in order to carry out a different higher organized initiative from the reaches of the deepest coffers of immoral capitalistic corruption most of you may not really imagine as a reality, this new order of greed and world dominance, compared to our objectives, let's just suppose pre - Viet~Nam conflict era, as a rather general bench mark, when we seemed to protect freedom, defend freedom, and promote freedom.

I am tired of warfare where we cut and run, most often leaving behind those that suffered atrocities we should, none of us ever, ever experience on any level.

We rape, pillage and burn where ever we go today in the cloaked veil of freedom and all the while leave countries in dis-array, hurt, and in worse condition then when we came, at perhaps the times we thought the peak of atrocity before our involvement.

My Father never was a man or will be, that would promote these cut and run tactics, which are no tactics at all and a bastardizaion of the word as we too often see today with out military ineptitude today and displayed.

We have become the greedy nation, a child on the political and world stage, egotistical and in with no common sense any more.

I could easily say lets conduct surgical strikes, lets have a defined mission, lets achieve objectives, but as of yet i see none spelled out in black and white, and this leaves me perplexed and curious as to why we may act and leave an open ended mission objective on the table with 0, read zero, international support.

What do we really want to gain from this? ...and who wants these gains and at what interest?

Petroleum prices are already rising, and these petroleum bottom feeders always have a hand in every action ever taken recently and are greedy corporate pigs that do not car what we the common men and women, bare as the consequences for such action.

We may be larger puppets then Obama.

I will say this in closing... after throwing the pasta on the wall to see what sticks... I can support what makes sense over what polls and general consensus states, if they are not in agreement.

I love the idea of our fine service men and women offering freedom and a better way of life in a coordinated "new age" style attack, which can happen, however far fetched many may believe it to be true.

Drones, laser naval ships, painted targets, no boots on the ground, etc...but what is it this business of ours?

Do we want to see in awe our own militaristic power and show the world what we have in our collective tool box? Where we have evolved? ...and what we can do?

Are we that arrogant?... seemingly so !!!

Logic would state that if we are this arrogant in government, that we must have an upper hand that no one else truly knows about, or that we are just plain war whore mongering idiots, which we may very well be, and that we will now exercise the might we know we have, perhaps like a science fiction night mare!

Maybe it does not transpire now, but trust me, that is what we are always working in to dominate the world, and we have to have testing grounds.

I mean to be harsh, strike chords, get folks fired up, etc. because we are on the cusp of nothing good or worthy in the long run, and we cannot even see past the short term currently.

We are a nation ripped in two, torn from the inside out, and anything other then nation building at this point is divisive, dangerous, and ill informed and motivated. will happen. It has been planned for years.

...but then Rome has burned and who cares for history today ?

lessons simply lost...

The End of The Beginning?