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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Alice Cooper in Velour (Makes Me Sick)"

Grabbing some warm coffee the other day,
and man to my surprise in my eyes,
there stood Alice Cooper chilling in Velour,
I stared long and intense but not too wise.

October chills to the bone grabbed me fast,
and since ill I have just not been right,
he looked so shock up close and real,
now since in bed I spend both day and night.

He used no special antics but simply winked,
while just drag and casually dressed in velour,
caked makeup and heavy mascara dripping,
Pretties for You, he whispered as I walked through the door.

Now in earshot I inquired rasply upon leaving,
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane ?
He snickered and dribbled coffee simultaneously,
and said... worry not, you'll never again be the same.

Dragging now aching and heavy footed to my office,
I smelled a sudden smell of most certain putrid decay,
I turned back in disbelief to look at that man Alice,
while through acrid smoke he just slithered away.

..and echoing in my mind while sipping my brew,
I heard these words running through my mind's eye,
you'll never be the same and pretties for you,
time passes for all, now Lay Down and Die, Goodbye.