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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jesse Ventura, My Letter to Him from October 2010, and Today ~ MobiusTripz

Here is a curiosity that I wrote in 2010, when most thought me nuts for these exact thoughts that sound normal today.

I admit this is not well written, but the message is still powerful and written years before Snowden released information to the public, which confirmed my exact thoughts.

He did this in June 2013, while I wrote this in October 2010 !!!

I wrote other officials too, but I heard back from no one.

Are we still turning this blind eye today? Accepting illegal acts upon our citizens and others in the world?

This spying goes well beyond even privacy issues, as I believe  "big data" is deeply rooted in a manipulative game that will further strip the little money that is left until it is as far gone as our privacy.

Ultimately, when we accept these types of activities from seeming rouge factions, we accept that out Constitution has been bastradized !!!

Is this still acceptable today, really?

What amazes me even still is how many small phrases I wrote have been "lifted" and written with credit elsewhere.

How do you compete ever again when the field is not level to start with?

I am a rather content and easy going person, however, I will say it and call it like I see it, as I am loyal to no one in particular nor any group of people in the light of immoral practices.

I just hope if you have read this far, you will next read my poorly written blog entry and  contemplate my assertions made long ago, as you read slowly through my message, and realize all of this deeper.

So ramble through my unusual mess of words, as I often take much more time being articulate, but not always when time is more the issue, and think, is time the issue today too? Is action what we need with a collective voice through peaceful and legal measures that will make positive change that will no longer condone such actions against a populous, or shall we remain a collection of human drones, manipulated and sold down the river, while our dreams are stolen, our children;s dreams are stolen, and our future is stolen, because that is what I have seen happening, and it is not a political party discussion, it is a discussion about immoral and unprincipled practices that we allow to undermine generations of progress, and that sickens me more then anything personally.

I speak out because I am confident what I see and understand all too well, and I just hope others will be a voice and become aware rather then remain dormant in a mental fog.

If you take offense to this statement, question yourself, not me.

It is not meant to be offensive, but rather a call to action and education and peaceful swift measures that demand change by a populous that should never tolerate such tyranny!