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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stealing Seconds from Our Gift ~ Lyric/Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Not much left to talk about,
I'm just about all out of blues,
out of energy... I am out of life,
too much all around bad news.

You see friends, I see what is coming,
I always have since I drew first breath,
but around me are so many folks,
who cannot see past our certain death.

I see what we should leave behind,
and I do not subscribe to greed,
The Good Lord always surrounds me,
with the people to love and things I need.

My prayers are with so many friends,
My Mother, Tim, Jeanne, and each of you,
you all have prayed for me often,
prayer offered back is the least I can do.

Now beyond all this praying,
reality strikes a heavy chord,
I hope you to can now hear it,
like a trumpet that cannot be ignored.

Do you enjoy a life in denial,
cause it feels better then what truths you know,
let go of your old self my friends,
let your soul now free, glow and grow.

Changes we need to make more quickly,
as tomorrow fades away so fast into the past,
and what is swiftly coming for certain,
no human or other species will be alive to last.

How do I become Amazing Grace?,
Well, He saved a wretch like me,
Sweet it is to Know the Light,
choosing lost not found, when instead you could be Free.

Conserve and pinch not consume so intense,
offer more, take less, an example, not words for all the rest,
share with others especially those without much life in balance left,
no wasted time crying, reach out offering only your very best.

If Armageddon is coming,
and Apocalypse is upon us swift,
will you see it coming,
or steal more seconds from our gift?

Face the end within your introspective self right now,
find peace and solace so pure in your sacred heart,
share this love with others, this inner love so precious,
realizing now is already so well past the time to start.

When it comes to our individual final summation,
enjoy those moments is tranquility as you fade away,
or live your days for yourself in sinsick selfishness,
a trip to hell so easily paved, or here in heaven stay.

Choose choice while you have it,
Free will does not forever last,
choose what is principled and proper,
or in the lake you will be cast.