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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weather Modification, Geo-Engineering, Chem Trails, and Massive Denial

Here is a curious question I really hope to hear some feedback on.

I will pose it in a few steps.

I will also link a video with very qualified and educated professionals that will discuss these topics.

So the questions, and please watch the video with an open mind before answering, are these.

Do you think most folks do not care about these topics discussed in this video, or do not believe it is possible and therefore happening?

If these events are happening, who wants to control what markets and why?

If these markets are controlled, people suffer even more on purpose, and some groups in control through covert programs and corporations tied to them are making profit, what is the ultimate reason why do you think?

In 100, 200, 300 years from now, after we are long gone as individuals, how will history have recorded these combined manipulations and there following events?

The views and angles discussed in this video are convincing, I would think even to those in denial about the evident truths, for those seeking to understand them, as all the information is readily accessible to prove this all, and a lot of it is right at government sites and institutional sites readily admitting patents, plans, protocol, etc.

If we lived in a Utopian world in the aspect that everything was always abundant for everyone and we had no real worries, what would be manipulated next to control a portion of the population in order to gain more riches for those and by those so greedy?...thus, destroying the work so offered through peace and principled initiatives. ???

I do not expect a lot of candid conversation or feedback, but I would certainly encourage it and hope to see it, but if at the very least this can act as a catalyst to further help others see a much more clear picture, then that in itself will be worthy enough.

I think ultimately, denial is such a strong and poor and detrimental liability to our species at such a high percentage in the population that it is very easy for a smaller percentage of this population with better education to see how easy it is to fool the masses and consistently pull the wool over their collective eyes as well as keep them down too much to fight back either through legal or any other means so speculated purely for philosophical vale in this argument.

Military tactics, war game planning, etc., would all also affirm the prior paragraphs assertions as far as defeating any enemy.

Ultimately, a battle without a shot fired and a war won this way with no clear battle lines ever drawn and conducted under covert order would offer the best element of surprise which is the primary key most often then not to victory, and although you may not exercise these measures if so given the chance, can you deny that others would organize and will and may be doing this today?

Would they all even know under such a sophisticated system with so many employees?

Science and peer reviewed papers, and studies of Department of Defense papers, and physics, and confirmed eye witness knowledge and professional testimony, ad infinitum would suggest clearly an overwhelming truth to all of this...or am I just crazy?

For several years now I have made some seemingly outlandish claims which most of have turned out to be undeniable and accepted mainstream truths today. I say this for no other reason then to infer that these things fall right in line with those things.

I am concerned with our denial in many areas as citizens. I am concerned with what we too often accept. I am concerned with the future that I will not a part of in due time, alike for us each. I am concerned with a lack of concern !!! I am concerned we have lost a grip on education, and that education should contain principles and morals.

I am not trying to claim anything right or wrong at this point, however, most things done in covertness on large scales are not designed for prevention of bad but rather manipulation  of what the group in the know desires, and at the non knowing groups expense most often.

Just some thoughts. I hope you enjoy this video on a snowy day, seriously contemplate it and all of its facets, study up on it, and then make some personal determinations and share those please.

I feel when I want to turn a blind eye to anything, then I break my promise to myself to keep an open mind, so I dive deeper in examining it and seeking the truth. That is how I actually tick in a nutshell, so I cannot help but express myself in the hopes of stimulating others to do the same and share collectively what we together can discuss for an even better and more well rounded opinion or fact finding consensus.

So now, see what the topic is and again, please watch this and think with an open mind, disregarding your inner most voice while you absorb this information...shut down the brains idle chatter and find a peaceful place to ponder this after you watch it in a place where you can concentrate.

It is an informative video and I think most of you can at least appreciate it, as it has been very well put together with true educated experienced professionals.

For an older writing I had published, please read about H.A.A.R.P. here, as it has some excellent links to very well documented trustworthy sites.

I was also featured at The United States department of Energy, and this article published there says a lot too, please read it as well so perhaps you can envision an even better picture of where we are headed, perhaps.

Lastly, what I wrote here, and poorly I may add (sorry), is the suggestion of us all being spied upon and I wrote this in 2010, when most that read it thought me an absolute lunatic, but I was right, which may not be surprising to all but it certainly was to many.

Again, as outlined above, my only point to that statement is that it all fits together and when examining the bigger picture of reality it helps to examine the individual puzzle pieces, understand them, and then see how they work and fit together so we can more clearly see what is truly happening.

The mainstream media has become such a farce today that if you get brainwashed there, well, I would expect you to believe none of this...while it is happening all around you right now, and knowledge is increasing and more will most certainly be revealed.