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Saturday, May 31, 2014

No Beguile ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

My mind a mangled mess,
my pain I now confess,
arguing with my father such duress,
he argues back we each need rest.

Mother we all miss you so,
from this pain healing slow,
emotions tossed too and fro,
equal highs with as many lows.

Traveled 800 miles in a few days,
we said good-bye a final time at your grave,
life is a twisted mystery maze,
alcoholic blur blinded with haze.

I am weak and hide behind facades,
tomorrow a mystery forward I plod,
please help my family lift us up God,
tired yet awake when instead I should nod.

Electric pain stimulates me past sense,
been a long time since I felt this dense,
tired of hurtful good-byes good riddance,
emotional words slurred and minced.

Family and friends so many smiles,
worn and tired traveled so many miles,
and days since you left yet no peace beguiled,
almost several times on my phone you I dialed.

My dear Mother I miss you so...