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Friday, June 13, 2014

A Poetic Diatribe ~ Poetry / Lyric ??? ~ MobiusTripz

In honorable times, we defended ourselves here and as well as our allies abroad, and at times when we were the aggressor we stuck around and offered stability and and commitment to those countries we toppled so that at least there was a fair chance that the remaining citizens there could enjoy freedoms we should all be so blessed with, those basic inalienable human rights we each deserve from birth.

When Bush numero uno defended Kuwait, it was common knowledge that to topple Iraq's leadership would leave them not only vulnerable, but would also leave to chaos, pure and utter chaos, in the middle east, therefore we wittingly left a terrible dictator in charge as we achieved our objectives and essentially stopped the aggression from spilling over the borders.

I know this because my ex- father in law and family of military prowess shared this with me then, and it is what I subscribed too and it worked and kept our country safe.

The recent invasions and consequent wars have further stressed our economy here and abroad, and have made us weaker as it is suggested we have a smaller military force when the opposite should be the matter of fact.

Today, we are on the cusp of international disgrace, pathetic foreign policy, poor, at best, diplomacy, and are barely surviving in a vacuum of leadership at home, as well as abroad.

Is it mere coincidence that Putin threatens other nations and has bombers near our coasts? Is it mere coincidence that Iraq is in further shambles each day and less stable then ever? Is it possible that we have the strongest best equipped military in history and the ability to deliver freedoms to others so wanting that liberation, yet we turn the other cheek and run? Have our service members lost thus far and citizens, good people of other countries, all been lost in vain?

This is not a party issue, this is a leadership issue. This is not a government problem, it is a problem of division within our own citizens that we cannot right a sinking ship, our country.

Our men and women that have served past and present deserve a much more honorable legacy, we as citizens deserve a more honorable legacy, and as it is our legacy, we shall offer others abroad that legacy to share, and however difficult it may be, we should tactfully offer aid where we have supplied arms, and friendship where we have spread hate.

At 46, what has my life amounted to compared to the greatest generation from which I have come? What did these beautiful men and women work so hard for today that we should be left in mere shambles, like Rome burning?

If I speak not I am not a worthy citizen. If I idly watch and offer no wisdom, as little as I may have to share, what am I alone worthy of? If I live in fear, what then a stake to I have in this future we together hold? If I sit in wait longer, who shall next come and how close? If I am paranoid, fearful, concerned, worried about our future, shall I just remain mute?

Many see a further division, and it is driven, in my eyes, by an exceeding greed that must stop. Perhaps you lay immune at night and do not truly know the atrocities many see daily first hand, the majority shares in knowledge, and I am thankful for you to be safe, but please forget the rest of us not, for we have not failed, we have been failed !!!

We have suffered abundant fraud in the banking sectors, a collapse of and beyond Great Depression Era, and a StagNation of an economy that only doles more money to money and less to lee, and that is not the honest capitalism and democracy our Founding Father's promised.

Where have we left our Constitution, where and why have we deserted our friends at home and abroad? Why have we bankrupted this and other nations and left so many suffering? Why do we accept this?

How do we peacefully make right what is so very wrong, when our own political system seems to implode upon itself in a stalemate and pure stranglehold against progress?

Is the great American nation just going to sit and watch from the coliseum as the other nations crumble to our delight? This is not the people we have ever been or shall be !!! Has history taught us nothing.

As many eat well, 1,000 times as many starve, and for what?

As many have clear clean water, what should be a natural birthright to share, 1,00 times many more drink pure contamination, right here at home, yet we ease the reigns and let this blessed supply become capitalized and a monetary profit making immoral quagmire of business.

How much is enough for you and yours while we all know pain and suffering of others we call friend so close...and why, oh Lord...why?

I pray we maintain a peace within our Union and mature quickly and learn how to shorten quickly this gap that is so very critical and promote peace at home and abroad, promote moral ethics and practices here and abroad, promote better education here and abroad, and share much more and hoard much less.

We have failed miserably at home, we have failed miserably across this world where we should have led, we have accepted wrong over right far too long and we seem to enjoy this simple life stuck on ourselves and technology, always glorifying the self, and too rarely doing what is right.

I have so many friends and family that are fine examples of citizenship, yet I see others tear at their beautiful fabric and threaten our way of life that it makes me ill.

I am sick and tired of playing the division game...can you not see the ploy 911 was and still is and how we have let is spoil our roots and spread a rotten fruit fit for no one to consume? Will we continue to let that destroy this nation as we mourn with no acceptance of the facts or are we now finally ready to gain strength, awakening the giant we are, to right this ship and set sail in clear waters soon, and share and promote prosperity?

Times are changing faster in every respect then most men and women can fathom...that is a simple fact of life in the current where most dwell. Soon, if we do not come together and bridge the gap, denial will run us completely over, and we will be staring at the heavens wondering what on Earth happened, and why?

Do you like crap food you buy? Do you like drugs so prescribed? Do you like to be fed such lies? Do you like to be less wise?

So much knowledge at our fingertips, a time to be enlightened, yet paralyzed all together seemingly frightened, we propel ourselves faster like let's get on with an attitude of dying, and we choke in a cloak of industry while our ecosystem is frying!

Blind, deaf, dumb, we have become collective together numb, drugs they sell at xx xxxxx street, i beg the cops my street to sweep, and keep us safe from such sin, but we all keep giving in.

If a life makes a difference take mine quick, so much around me we accept making us sick, these charges I make to our generation will stick, our lives I stand for and refuse to be licked.

Even the cops are demoralized, when we at home do not stay vigilant and capitalize, against sin and illegal activities we report and all realize, with shocked faces and bright eyes on papers every morning advertised.

I choose to be liberal but will stomp you if you threaten this way of life, I am an American and proud but I will sacrifice, all the blood I have for other lives, I do not seek peace in compromise!

I really hope some think upon this all and invest in a future bright, while many want to work and cannot pay bills like electricity to provide light, or lose their houses to a business model out of control so sky high, while my young my neighbors sell more drugs just trying to get by... they think it's alright.

So as another voting season is upon us, will you make that vote finally really count, can you fill up the voting stations like citizens that need to shout, or are you cowards hiding behind your klout, or are you cowards hiding behind lives not stout.

Stand the hell up and rise, start saving more then just your own selfish lives, if you exercise not a vote then lies, and will this ever stop ??? demise?

I respect that which you choose if you are a citizen in good standing today, I have your back and look forward to our collective stage, when we are not happy we should peacefully rage, or find ourselves in a Gladiator's cage.

What will you radiate from this point hence forth?