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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cumberland, Maryland and Our Collective Positive Future of Tourism and Industry in The Green Era

Here is how I imagine tourism and the future of Cumberland Maryland.

Imagine you perhaps along with your family, arrive at your travel destination and after your trip as soon as you arrive you feel the instant relief of knowing that you're not going to have to drive your car for the next several days.

You are deeply relieved to realize that all of your time will be focused only spent alongside your family and friends, live music, and surrounded by the greatest artists and history from the foundation of this great country, all the while sharing it that's great local restaurants promoting great local businesses run bye local residents who strive to seek your support when you visit our city and we call you friend forever and hope that you should come back once again and Dauphin as we rebuild this vision now today we care to share with you and asked you to be a part of. For example in this year 2014 we will have a Grammy winning bluegrass band playing in Frostburg. October of 2014 it will be preceded by a wonderful competition between artists playing the most beautiful in the instruments, the mandolin and the violin and these artists will be of all ages and share their art and craft together. Grand old ditch a wonderful fast growing bluegrass band from Cumberland will also be playing live at the event. Recently if you are a product of the eighties we had kicks play live at Rocky Gap to see now and resort.

In the previous months before the weather always takes this time for the colder cooler damper air we have wonderful live X at the Canal Place stage and other various places downtown with our always changing lists of musical acts that visit from far and wide as well as the local music we support.

It's one of the first things I heard when I moved here in about 2001 that per capita and don't be confused we are a small town, we have more churches and bars and any other city in the United States. Now I don't know if thats true but it sure is something to talk about and when you drive through this beautiful town and you see its horizon 360 degrees around you aswer cradle by mountains just a dotted with steeples, and you drive around and you see some of your favorite watering holes where you cherish time spent with friends talking about what we need to do locally, how their families are how the kids are doing in high school had junior got a promotion at the job how somebody's daughter just graduated college and is going to graduate school, and other positive things like that well, it just makes that statement ring a little bit louder in your head and make you wonder if it could be possibly true, and maybe not just true but not a bad thing.

Another thing I guess I'm trying to say here is until you visit Cumberland Maryland I don't think you would realize with the finest living is. Now of course we're City we have crime just like any other city but we are focused each and every day more than ever on making crime something that is less often realised and we hope others one brace the family spirit that is being promoted here today in this beautiful city, and although we all realize it is tough the progress that will be made working together towards positive changes are certainly far greater than those that we share today at times all too often.

Cumberland Maryland is a great place to come visit great place to get grounded and call my home away from home it great place to reset to the music and the arts and finish a weekend at one of many local churches of your choosing for all types of wonderful worship or take a hike in the woods nearby if that maybe your cup of tea. These are the things I partake in and my life is wholesome and I feel I live a life of purpose even if that means my life measured by most of us would look less than successful today.

Now imagine for a moment if you will that there are free shuttles that carry you through out the town and they run from early in the morning and stop at all the local restaurants & shopping areas as they loop around town where you may be picked up every 30 minutes while doing your shopping and sightseeing. Imagine upon coming into town you are asked to sign up for the tour is a membership card which grants you 25% off all of your first visits accommodations and fine dining. Also imagine a shuttle that regularly runs out to rocky gap ft and resort home of Western Maryland famous Jack Nicklaus Golf Course, Lake Habib, fishing, hiking, camping, paddle boats, sandy beaches, outdoor musical events, a comedy club, while you drink free coffee and free sodas and enjoying many of the benefits of membership which.

It is a plan like this that we implement today. Hey I'm dictating a little thing I'm writing I'll just be sitting here doing this this way and then there something is going to play that night and then the grammy-winning band but anyway that would be incredible and I think it's typing all that yeah just typed everything holy s*** so I'm going to take a break and I wrote all that as I walk rocky woke up and walked into the room.

So I'm going to hit save for now and if this gets published this is unedited but I thought I would share these ideas now as I add and evolve this rough draft if this sentence appears that is the state this writing is in today.

Come to Cumberland Maryland today then find yourself with family and friends and live a life looking forward with no regrets.