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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Where Does Progress Reside - Poetry / Lyrics - MobiusTripz

The languishing lack of success sorely persists,
seeking progress all alone and so isolated,
too many so resistant to change stagnate, are we collectively so united as stated?

The hurdles of society ever increasing,
the bar being lowered to stifling heights,
volunteerism disintegrating we go it alone,
Selfish cultures in society all wrongs not right.

Thugs and drugs and an overall lack of respect,
for the laws and natural beneficial order,
an era of foolishness and disconnect,
if not yet insane so close on that border.

Yet that dream of success calls to come to fruition,
this vision dances on and on in the movie like mind,
appearing to go against the grain of today just illusion,
backward lives today rivaling all of historical times.

Poor stewardship and wasted resources,
"who cares as I got mine", an attitude that lacks intellect,
what will future history books have to state about the past from today,
so little substance for students on which to backwards reflect.

Plastic superficial silk paper facades,
implode when on scales seeking justice and balance,
souls worthlessly residing in a house of cards,
all needing a quenching baptizing rinse.

Where is passion and moral fiber and values that once were so common?
Where are those dedicated families together no matter circumstance so strong?
Where is proper education with respect today and why do we not stand and defend them?
Where are answers together we can build upon correcting so much so wrong?

Lacking caring and not nearly enough sharing,
hoarding so alone they can feast,
The Last Supper a table set only for two,
just sickness and that hideous beast.

Alone and sick they suffer knowing it not,
No communion shall any ever desire to consume,
dollar bill sign pupils in eyes shaped like coins,
modern day zombies sipping the chalice of poisonous doom.

And where is progress, oh where is blessed progress,
incapable of instantaneous genesis in a vacuum surrounded by hate,
when your cup no longer runneth over and your cold and alone,
don't be too surprised by this fate.