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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Swish Swish ~ Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

Swish, swish,
amino acids meet,
chemicals reacting,

Cells, then more cells,
bacteria a friend or foe,
a program now knows,
systems now immune.

More systems,
symbiotic, parasitic,
coordinated intrinsic intent,
organs all harmonizing.

atom and evolve,
no unbilical,
a microscopic garden.

movement and travel,
fuel for growth,
food shared by all.

Electrons firing,
data now sent,
receptors before veliciraptors,
actuators adjust.

Sensory input,
data exponentially exploding,
CNS alert and alive,

Sub Conscience,
no distractions,
always a mission,
constantly at hand.

Thump, thump,
do I hear a heart beat,
and how do I know,
innate intelligence within.

Conscience alert,
Who am I ?,
Where am I?,
I just Am.

Logical thought,
logos exists,
word to flesh,
becomes now man.