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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Basic and Fatal Flaw of Democracy ...perhaps

The factor that scares me the most about democracy on a scale with a population over 300 million, is that once we already know we are headed in the wrong direction, we still have a hard time hitting the breaks and safely reversing directions, and... it could cost our civilized species another entire era of long civilization coming to its end...

it may be the very final fatal flaw of democracy itself. 

Look at Greece today...still !!!

The inability to act in order to saves one's own life,... what a paradox that attribute would truly be, and which,... in retrospect,... will look so ridiculously obvious that many shall ponder why "they", that now lost civilization fought against that eventual and obvious ending for so very long. 

So what do you do to change that and preserve the inherent rights and privileges so offered and guaranteed by our great country today?

What do you suggest?