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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jeanne Cobb Penner's Petition for Signature for Changing the Medical Malpractice Statute of Limitations

I regretfully inform any friends here that a friend you may know has passed away. I never make this a place to do so either, however I know Jeanne had an idea she wanted to share with others and it came from her experience and that cost her her own life.
Jeanne Cobb Penner lost a long fight for her life from MRSA, as I understand it, that ravaged her body after a foreign instrument was left behind inside of her body after surgery.
I hope your thoughts and prayers can be with her loved ones in this time of need.
Jeanne needs you now though to go sign this petition and make a difference. Can you please help to make a difference with medical malpractice laws?
It is a worthy petition she started that I wish you would each please take only three minutes to read and consider signing, as it will typically somehow effect us each or a loved one or a friend in our lifetime.
I ask you please to help honor her life and fulfill her request with this first step. May this serve as that catalyst to expedient and rational change against illogical and irrational laws against the best interests of the victim in such matters.
Please help turn Jeanne Cobb Penner's dream into a reality ... perhaps together we can help write Jeanne's Law.


Steve Swygert

postscript above added on 02/13/2016

Thanks for visiting this blog entry today and please take the time to thoroughly read it in its entirety and do your best to perform your own due diligence and only then offer to support the petition as you will read at the link provided after taking the time to further educate yourself about medical malpractice. Understand what it is and why we absolutely must demand these laws be changed immediately and also further understand that my friend, as well as countless others, have suffered unneccesarily and that the medical professionals in these cases are not held accountable after a certain amount of time has passed and that we no longer will accept this ignorance in the law as acceptable today as we push forward and demand full accountability as well as even better protocol during any medical procedures from this pint forward which will save lives, prevent suffering, and even save money from the very entities and individuals that are not being held accountable as they should be by any logical and reasonable measure today.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Do not take my word for it, simply study the facts and find out for yourself please as I have provided those valuable resources right here at your fingertips at the simple request through a "click" of the mouse.

This is from the link above and there is an entire page dedicated to fully explaining in great detail with examples exactly what medical malpractice is and why you should consider this petition right now, as the fact is this; someone, or yourself, will indeed suffer from this unnecessary mistake of pure negligence at some point in your own life and typically it causes years of suffering and ultimately and all too often, death !

Here is how Jeanne's (Jeanne Cobb Penner) petition statement reads today. I hope to further fill you in on more details about her own original procedure as well as her YEARS of suffering due to the alleged malpractice she has suffered and the further compounding of that suffering by have ZERO legal recourse for another pure negligence that has stolen years of livlihood from her already and most recently (July 2015) left her in a coma from which she recently emerged but still permanently will suffer from this original procedure.

Jeanne Cobb Penner's Petition's Statement: 

Depending on the state, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice is two to three years.  The statute needs to be changed to extend the deadline under special circumstances.

An example of the special circumstances is when a doctor leaves a foreign object in a patient during surgery.  If there are residual complications past the two to three year mark, the patient should be allowed the extra time.  I am personally in that category.  Three years ago a doctor left a foreign object inside me during surgery.  I have since had 10 surgeries to try and keep me around, and there will be more. Setting the surgery information aside, I have also been admitted to the hospital quite a few times including being in a coma three months ago.  

Please consider this change as it would not only help patients, but it would also push medical practitioners to strictly adhere to all safety requirements.  


My, John Stephen Swygert's, personal reason for signing this petition. ( I included my own thoughts as this is my blog, and you may read other signers reasoning at the actual petition site as well as leave your own reasoning when you dutifully and honorably sign this petition too as Jeanne looks towards presenting these legislative changes on Capitol Hill one day in the  not too distant future in her fight for justice.

First and foremost I firmly believe my own friend, Jeanne, has suffered because of this exact reason and she has been a victim exactly because of this type of situation and has been left with no available legal resource in which to fully gain compensation for another's grave error which has robbed her permanently of time, the pursuit of happiness, fruitfulness, and the best ability of being an even more wonderful Mother, friend, daughter, etc, ad infinitum, and justice shall never have a date that passes in which she decides to turn a blind eye to errors that steal livilihood or life itself from anyone without the ability to have the proper unencumbered legal right and channels in which to best gain recognition for the error(s) and compensation as best possible financially for the loss encountered due to the malpractice, regardless of it it is directly or indirectly experienced due to the event which went tragically wrong.

My reason, as asked specifically on the petition:

I am signing this petition because there should never be any limitation at all for another's negligence (as a singular individual and/or a corporate entity) that makes a patient (turned victim) suffer to any degree at all after a mistake has been made during a medical procedure, no matter how much time has passed since the medical procedure was performed (regardless of its specific nature or need) or when its (the medical procedure's) mistake, be the mistakes cause be blamed upon ignorance,  negligence,  or any other reasoning, shows any sign of having created undue suffering above and beyond the expected, if any, effect or affect, directly related to, in origin, the medical condition that preceded the procedure, unless otherwise deemed experimental or in any other way extraordinarily threatening to life or overall general health above and beyond what is expected in similar medical situations as experienced and known to medical professionals and with all parties involved, or their legal representative(s), recognizing and agreeing to the known risks vs. the unknown possibilities of extraordinary outcomes, and when so possible to do so in non emergency situations. In emergency situations, it would be understood that all proper policy, procedure, and protocol shall be thoroughly followed with the patient's best interest in mind for both short and long term positive prognosis. The entire idea within is full accountability of all medical professionals involved to insure the patient's highest likelihood of improvement within reasonable expectation of the condition / disease, as recognized, which, based on the highest statistical likelihood known in the medical profession, so be it prayed, that healing with no unnecessary nor undue suffering should ever exist and if it does, no matter what duration of time has passed since the date of the procedure, the patient, now victim, or surviving family or legal heir, shall have the legal right to rectify the perceived malpractice, with malpractice itself being fully recognized by definition itself, whereas not only compensation shall be made eventually to the rightful party, but also with the insight to better insure all future similar situations for others be better understood and respected to further guarantee no one else's undue suffering from said procedure in question. The bottom line is there should never be any logical reason to hold any medical professional unaccountable in the event of a tragedy directly blamed upon any medical practice or procedure ill performed.