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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Taking Back My Youth ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

I miss the merlot, 
I miss going slow, 
I miss earning the hurting gout toe, 
but back I take my youth. 

I miss wrestling around, 
I miss being the clown, 
I miss singing and stages, 
I miss acting all ages. 

I am taking back my youth, 
taking back my youth, 
watch me fucking come alive, 
as I am taking back my youth. 

Back from the depths of hell, 
back from the gates not pearly, 
back from a pit and flames, 
taking back my youth. 

Knowledge never brought me bliss, 
there truly is bliss in ignorance, 
and youth a gift from heaven sent, 
I am taking back my years so bent,

...and taking back my youth, 
I am taking back my youth, 
every day a little more I try, 
I am taking back my youth. 

Say no to stupid fucking mistakes !!!

...stay honest and humble...lie less and be honest more...and start taking back your youth !!!