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Monday, November 2, 2015

And Next After Hunter S. Thompson

A One Act Play...

This was going to be a facebook post, but I am sick of people being worried about me when I am perfectly fucking happy and love life and like to write and cannot sleep because I am so wound up and feeling this adjustment period in many respects in life... life is an interesting challenge today and I cannot wait to start recording new material when I finish my new chill studio where I will create my art... so this stuff flowed forth from a corner of darkness in a mind full of light worried bromigos...and so you shall read...

Hunter S. Thompson died, and that is where my life started... I get to report on the hells he could not share in my own personal way as a twisted Poe like tribute in a Stephen King kind of way as it is here portrayed... so exercise your eyes and read within here no lies... or not?

Life is wonderful knowing that I have each of you just an instant message away in real time. That technology can save lives today ! Stay in touch with one another, help another with an ear to lend or be the one with one to bend... this is an exciting time in my life and equally very tough on an inner personal level and I just need some really positive thoughts and vibes coming my way and I know others all around us feel the same everyday because I see it or hear about it more and more. Sure maybe it is my getting ripe old age of 47...but the suffering median's age seems to not discriminate from what I see... it is an equally opportunity target master. Is it me or are things in life just getting tougher and tougher. Perhaps I am mentally mired in severe pain from my spinal deterioration and fucking gout and the fact of non-stop death and suffering of too many around me... but am I right or just mental? Personally, medications help pain but are tough to adjust too (yeah, me) mentally as I feel twisted up looking for a calm when I feel tight and intense and I have been an arse, forgive me..., so moving forward... share with loved ones close by any real life struggles you may want to keep private but in the collective family eye... reach out to a few others today and just share a message of love that will spread like a wave and meet others just when it is needed. Always sending forward my love ahead of me, Steve          p.s. exists not without each of you, stay well friends. Life is the most incredible journey so let's keep each others dreams alive !!!

God damn it ms. morphine, god damn it... you stimulate me like love and youth and I cannot forget you for a second dear.

But yeah, no, it's all good...I am fine... just trippin'... we all kick off one day... make the party last long and treat one another well leading a principled life offering to others and taking less for thyself while adrift.

Barry White a came a visitin', he filled my lungs with a compound, then I was all visual and romantic, but twisted on a pain killin' narcotic,... ms. morphine.

I live so that someone can report past the insanity that Hunter S. Thompson could not live through... I live for that spirit of pure freedom and utter insanity genius.

Damn it man I feel like I have the libido of an 18 year old and the stamina of someone in their 20's... quitting smoking has been an incredible journey of freedom from the insanity of thyself... I am free today from both alcohol and nicotine and I do dabble in chemicals with permission from my prescribing doctors...and that is some tough shit too... but onward I go and the journey gets better and more intense as my body screams louder and louder in pure and raging pain non stop... I love to sleep...just a nice rare really good deep comfortable rewarding and rejuvenating restorative sleep...well... there shall be time for that in the far future...for now it is time to fucking play... or maybe fuck and play.

I joined a gym all enthusiastic and have not been able to go yet because of my sever gout ! Fuck me !!! I have so much god damn energy and I am feeling really, really good... I am living again and eating well...not poisoning myself...but I am on a strict regimen of medication and herbs under supervision and I am healing but it is a scary adventure and I am paving a way with steadfast vigor as I take life back by the horns in progress only measurable by leaps and bounds.

Sometimes I forget to eat or drink water...then I eat more then humanly possible and do it again in a few days. I may have some snacks here and the...message to self if I ever read this fukkin' blog...more snack, fruits, and veggies... eat more regularly and drink a ton of water... find a way to tame that ridiculous sweet tooth. This nutrition thing on my new medication could be the death of me for real.

I am glad my heart has healed. Thanks Curcumin 95 everyday, one a day 500 mg. Not enlarged anymore and beats regularly once again after being fucked up for well over 15 years and healed before I quit my bad habits of alcohol and cigarettes. I fully attribute this to Curcumin as I pay strict attention to my actions in life. But... who the fuck am I over a doctor to say anything that makes more sense the me taking a compound that does not naturally exist and has major side effects with no questions...or to know all of that and do it anyways...choices and decisions... real life not damn games. ... my life.

Fiction or not... that has to make you think a lot yeah?

Space Dog calling Keith Richards and Johnny Depp, can you come over and jam with me please? Do you read me? Bring that Narcan and the jumper cables mates... I feel like gettin' down for real.

I cannot wait to meet Charlie Sheen,... or maybe I already did, ... morphine.

I cannot wait to start oxycontin as I shrink in size and turn wrinkled and gray and all of a sudden realize I am now old... fuck what happened... ok this rant... my mind racing...

Oh hello table, meet my face...zzz,... zzz,... zzz,... zzz ... and on least Z... breath and life no more.

The Real End