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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pure ~ Lyric / Poetry ~ MobiusTripz

I cannot visit one friend,
cause I am scared of his heroin,
and I cannot visit another,
because he drinks like I use to,
another will not speak to me because I use,
clean and sober over a year stupid fool,
remember when I saved your life ???,
cocaine alcohol binges every night,
you cried how you planned to end it all,
I told your brother, I stood as always tall,
I am happy for you now 15+ years clean,
married, with kids and a career,
yet you just forget about folks like me,
what kind of sponsor have and are you.
a poor guide selfish forever hurts another,
forgotten forever I use to call you brother.
Principles still shared and lived,
I am thankful for this daily gift,
and my back have I turned on another too,
none of us perfect, especially you,
I thought you were a better friend and now finally true,
I wait for our friendship to return,
I await so melancholy, black, and blue.
I thought wrong,
I thought wrong,
I thought wrong,
I thought wrong.

It all started with a single beer,
I just never seemed to be able to put down,
I picked myself up so many times,
bloody and beaten from off of the ground,
and most will scoff and just walk away,
this world is full of wicked others that do not pray,
and will leave you to your own devices,
alone to die and never once do they think twice,
about you the predicament or your chosen strife.
I attest to this from a grass line and dirt point of view,
poisoned a sot I chose to be and here I lay,
for the longest time it was a game I would play,
and try to master this chemical that owned me,
so many times I wish they would just stone me,
and forever nights I spent praying at that alter porcelain,
and slept on cold comforting bathroom tile floors over and over again,
three days death life lost alcohol pickled young man a waste,
this all chasing young women, music, and drugs in haste.
alcoholic haste,
alcoholic haste,
alcoholic haste,
alcoholic haste.

I am so pleased this is a long lost past,
I visit it rarely now as life is now for focus production and laughs,
and family and friends that are safe and I can share,
with others I love and protect and have so much for cared,
and now I have time for all of the wonderful things,
that I gave away in my past for free for a drink tonight with me,
sad I valued life so little and cannot remember the better things,
from those times past so many I shared with so many of you,
and I pray you forgive me when I used a lack of judgement,
as alcohol impairs and we all laugh it off,
this culture we seem to accept and even advertise and maintain.
Today I have no use for alcohol or nicotine,
I like the life and the rest of what the Lord has offered me,
I will care for this temple and build it a better testament to a clean life,
as I should have from the start,and I am glad I have the friends I do today,
that are healing my own faulted broken down heart,
and I want you know you each have healed me of my ways.

The love of friends heals,
the love of friends heals,
the love of friends, heals,
the love of friends heals.

What hurts is the none of you who understand,
what kills is that others can just easily give up on so many like me,
and just so easily forget look the other way and walk away.
Now healed I know who is who,
who to trust, and who is you?,
and you would not believe the things I have seen,
undercover of alcohol and drugs in my life not just dreams,
trust few and maybe that is too many,
this world is wicked, fast, and unfriendly,
watch out for facades too perfect,
and remember there are no free lunches,
there is no promise in the use of illicit drugs,
your friends will die over years in neat little bunches.
The choice is ultimately yours,
but never has a man come back from death and said,
yes, that trail is the way to travel,
and you should definitely go down this way,
down this way, go down this way,
There are so many ways one can go down,
party hard on the way to the lake of fire.

How will you go down?,
How will you go down?,
How will you go down?,
How will you go down?,

Alcohol and drugs if you want to watch,
your life over time hurtfully unravel,
breaking your spiritual knees you fall over bent,
in prayer now in front of the judge and the gavel,
and even if you did not believe before in God,
you start talking to him and promising so much,
mindless meandering muttering useless muck,
we when poisoned promise so much,
with such little substance but act as if we give a fuck,
these lies we have all muttered thinking we could outsmart God,
alcohol and these fine drugs will lie so deep to a sot,
while from the spirit and then inside out we rot,
I would like some more brother man how much you got?

How much do you think you can handle this time?
How much do you think you can handle this time?
How much do you think you can handle this time?
How much do you think you can handle this time?

Such wicked foolish pride and greed peppered in lust,
I was gluttony incarnate and sloth behind wicked fake facades,
in life I was envy that stole others' life with wrath and vengeance,
I once lived addiction and this world was my domain.

However this world is no longer for me.

With breath there is still time to turn back towards home,
and save yourself from this insanity you run towards,
start fresh with a prayer you mean to something not you,
move forward and watch amazed how the body and life is restored.

I am addiction no more,
and now,
I Am Who I Am !