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Saturday, January 2, 2016


So just think about this. You type on facebook but have yet to even hit enter to publish these words yet it suggests things to you to tag, fully admitting that your words yet to be published are indeed being examined as a group and affiliating anything that is taggable and associated with your "datasets"... all of this exactly a keystroke copying device on every single electronic type of communication we use today more then likely. Consider every aspect of every single electronic you own today completely exploitable in any way anyone with said knowledge would like to utilize. Smaller, faster, more efficient, better electronics are everywhere to stay... and watch us... recording what they can... these electronics we have made that soon will turn on us... so says Mr. Hawking,  it is indeed a possibility for which we must prepare. I think it already to late as the philosophy we have at hand already is fully at use. Microsoft says they will warn you when law enforcement or any other entity is peeking into your personal data. They will rarely do this as they are already feeding law enforcement any datasets they need to examine so they will not even have to monitor. Go ahead and tag someone and think about what I am saying... the server is doing the exact same thing! Think about that !!! We are soon to step it up a massive notch that will again transform computing and technology and life as we know it with quantum computing I have been promising will happen very soon and now finally indeed has by Google. Encryption is a thing of the past of you have enough money to spend on these in the near future. We build and it gets cheaper and more easily available and then to the masses, illegally or not, and then encryption of today's standards gets defeated. So what will be the next technological evolution in encryption? That is a ONE HUNDRED BILLION dollar question soon.