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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

President Trump... better get use to it !

I think it is best we prepare for a Trump presidency. Can you really see anyone who is going to beat him? Really ???

I did not say I am for or against it, just that it is exactly what I see and prepare yourself for great changes and perhaps some fighting here at home regularly. I think we will have small organized skirmishes across the country of angry citizens starting to act as they have banded together for years through all types of organizations and the facts are that our country is failing on a wholesale level to the masses and that is never a great thing for balance.

It is not time to fight, or give up, it is now time to dig the fuck in and stand your ground and battle utilizing logic and rationale.

The country is finding its footing right as tension is once again peaking over these getting colder tougher winter months that are always stressful every single year. Hold on a and the tide shall turn soon and great things are on the way, no matter who is this figure head we the people decide and elect to lead our country, or remove from that held office we offer is so need be.

It will be a great time to open a business and to invest in stocks. Study the end of the bad economy in the 80's and its recovery that was amazing ever... and that is what Trump will make happen as did Reagen, and as much as I do not like him he may be the man to restore us to a more decent respectable stature!

I hope he builds teams that are far removed from all past administrations and starts with fresh clean qualified perspectives, and that is what I think he has to offer...the ability to build great teams and he never tolerates BS!

The Justice Department will get back to work and that shall trickle down through the states and local municipalities as the tax base is raised and we have a better legal ability to enforce these laws that we have been relaxing on. We need to be careful not too turn back progress in the right areas and must be very careful here.

Legal Weed ! ~ Less poor sentencing with non-violent~ and better rehabilitation ~ as well as better city design and upkeep so we have fewer and fewer ghettos ~ no children is not a poor idea! ~ Make tobacco illegal !!!

I think our 8 years of being Almost Canada experiment is over.


This is also a Presidential election where we have baby boomers in retirement voting and starting to enter their own twilight years! Then what leader will bring us back to progress with the earth and the balance we should deliver as better flexible evolving stewards of this earth?

This process, this office, this double edged sword wielded, is a precise weapon with multifaceted intricacies that are mind boggling to a degree, but then again sometimes you have to just swing and clean up the mess and I think Trump has that ability like a Putin where as others would kick back and watch disaster unfold like a movie elsewhere and then choose to react in a docile manner.

Soon we will have a President that loves this country truly and will defend it in an instant without hesitation, will grow the economy and be friendly to this earth and never need to take $$$ to get anything done other then his salary.

Who will represent this new breed of Presidents ? Presidents that put he current many to pure shame for their disgusting greed !!!

evolve with flexibility

President Trump... better get use to it !