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Saturday, February 27, 2016

And On Listening To The Universe - Poetry -

Everything just a record,
Of what was and what if,
All knowledge over event horizons,
That data still persists.

I am the observer,
Reporting back to my "Mother the Universe",
All systems are go down here,
The times back then were never like now so desperate the worst.

Inside a tree,
These rings and these chemicals,
And all encoded a snapshot of instants all compiled,
All utilized as a tool to process past and future signals.

It's all communication with the data,
From where do you observe and who so report,
All just servants while observing,
Be truthful don't distort.

Sometimes they think themselves smartest,
And get so far ahead while erasing traces,
Piling up houses and more money so simply,
Robbed our nation blind right in front of our faces.

I watched it right before my very eyes,
You would never believe all the things that seen and heard have I,
So recorded somewhere along that way,
I leave paintings, songs, love, friendship, letters, publishings, posts and hope.

All somewhere recorded in spacetime, this data too.

Right now I'm with you there as you sense this message,
and even though gone perhaps eons or longer, so long it's hard to believe true,
I once watched it all in life,
just the same now like you.

We are all just angels on flight across a massive universe together,  always and forever, happening yesterday, tomorrow and right now.

Determine your fate as have those before you that believe within in doing what is right.

Soar to the loftiest of heights of fulfillment and understand the equilibrium that shall indeed come too, and prepare to be strong to ensure survival under such dire and often wicked attacks, in any respect, always be careful to the heights in which you experience an environment and you have to know your range perfectly.

Act not from a place ever of ignorance!

Spend resources on the healthiest of foods your body to be and/or your fuel, and spare no expense here ever when so possible.

Always heed to greater wisdom with gentle respect yet still always guarded and at once ready to pounce and annihilate another if so a greater balance now shall must surely exist if the need to react should arise.

Eliminate evil and tolerate it not at anytime. As it survives a moment it gains a thousand more and must therfore be immediately smote.

It is time to choose?

What is your choice?

That's what I report from over here,
A flight in a 48 year old model that's hanging tough,
has some genetic issues to iron out as a beta model,
It's really been quite tough.

Most of this species is quite selfish,
And I have seen where others would turn away and let a friend perish,
Waste is rampant and filth is seemingly acceptable,
There is a massive lack of respect to the orb on which they spin in orbit and seem unwilling at all to ever share it.

It's getting cloudy and shaky and weaker for myself each day,
The mental fluctuations are probably circuits nutrient deficient,
Damaged and wallowing I hear Alice in Chains  inside my mind,
It's time to depart to another destination and start once again anew.

I am art manifest a communicator of the universe,
A spirit in light trapped here for now each all staying as projected,
Until one day that projection altars (play on words) paths and unset from stone Am I,
What would you do to change the program anytime until perfectly selected?

What if I had seen it all before and said that that exact time always exists,
and it's right now to pick what's perfectly projected,
And programmed now as we guild this craft our art an action in motion on a canvas spacetime,
It's all that's logical rational and in life is any longer accepted.

Manifest reality!

Be at once always flexible,
remain dynamic and evolve to further observe and even carry forth the message,
All just nano devices inside of an experiment more radical then any thing of your dreams or desires,
We exist inside an even larger Collider but that so progressive a statement may be too strong, or just simply, quite presage.