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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Almost Posted This - A Cryptic Short Story of the Day

I thought after Mother passed away and I toughened up that I would be done with crying. 
What so little a young boy knows, who lost his Mother, and now the real pain of manhood gets to reign in. A good gut kicking once a day to get my attention as well as try to keep me down.  

With one friend, we will wield our words as weapons, these surgical strikes, as friends betrayed, yet face to face and alongside one another such perfect frienemies.  Social media and the power of misunderstanding. It makes you wonder who would throw such intentional lobs.

Perhaps both hurting and beat down and with loss in death of each a friend. 

The drama is in the theatre, the drama is in the theatre, and who should pull such strings across these wicked webs we weave? 

I am stepping off of this place for 48,
so I can have my time alone to heal and concentrate,
on the things in life like God and family,
and the so many things so dear to me. 

Be well and love.