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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Really Twisted Angry Projection and the Whore

Out with SpaceDog,
And enjoying my salad cruisin',
Thinking bout' all these projections I live,
Because better choices are for my choosin'.

I am the ether that is in between,
The Everything overlooked am I,
I am the never seen,
I am the perfect pure white clean.

I am the rock you shit on,

I am the chair you sit on,
Foundation sturdy betrayed,
I am your Daddy little girl a spanking,
Enjoyed when I see you rare birthday suit bitch predictable on your birthday to freedom July summer rebellion I command, you cannot resist the actions o so command at my will upon you, just watch over and over again as you,
crave cock and show at my door,
You leave after eight weeks always each year always still just my whore.

Now engaged ! Aghast ! I cannot help but laugh at your lying ways. Glad your gone and he the less wise you a problem now his I'm safe once again from your consistent lunacy, a view of the world purely incorrect and you fighting against the waves and tide of life, the ebb and flow with the net effect that you have never ever once fit in or at least realized you did so and never appreciated it for a second these gifts.

I cut you out and off before,
As you go out and justify being a whore,
To the truth and the light and the, promises that you always liked to share with me.

I am through, and as I have been here before at age 48, I know just what I have to do, erase away from my memory the years together we knew, and cast you out like I cast art upon the Red YouTube.

For you I need an app to keep you a distance safe, to keep you where I know again you can never again like repeatedly in the past you repeatedly so many times countless evil cunt betrayed.

You lied to my soul through my eyes with such sincerity and sublimely sweet words so chosen ahead and rehearsed, all an act your love, ours, these lies you so weaved. You a constant destroyer of things so bent, I cast you now away like refuse, disappear from my life in an instant, to me forever just a bug on a windshield so spent.

Disappointment you are woman manifest.