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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sense ~ Shape the future of home energy

Tom Edwards I submitted a couple of questions on your website at least a week ago and have yet to hear back from you. Do you reply to questions submitted on your website? I'm anxiously awaiting answers. Thank you.
Sense Hi Tom - Sorry to hear this! We looked in our database and we don't see any open tickets from "Tom" or "Thomas". Do you happen to have your ticket number? We will be sure to get right back to you. Thanks.
Tom Edwards Sense I do not have it. Here are the questions that I asked.

1. I have been trying to track down usage rates that seem to fluctuate. The current theory, from several electricians, is that I have a damaged underground feed that is "leaking" voltage in...See More
Sense Tom - This leaking would show up as a constant unexplained load in the Sense output. There is no exact launch date for Android, but you can expect rollout in the next few months. The Sense app does work on iPad; however, is not yet optimized for it - we have better iPad support coming soon.
Tom Edwards Sense Thank you for the info. I'll be keeping an eye on your website for updates.
Mike Parker So, Tom, these are underground feeds to outdoor devices? They must be as they are downstream of your meter. If you put GFCI breakers on all circuits that connect to underground feeds you'll know if they are 'leaking' the next time it rains. Modern code requires GFCI breakers for most such applications anyway - gone are the days of daisychaining a GFCI outlet...
Scott Ringgold Sense - I'm confused then. Does it only run on an iPhone and nothing else, not even an iPad?
Sense Hi Scott - The app works on iPad as well, it's just not optimized for it. An improved version is coming soon.
Pete Voss like the Kill-A-Watt device, but with Bluetooth?
Sense Pete - This is actually quite different from a Kill-a-watt (or other current transformer). With Sense you don't need to go around the house plugging different items in to see their energy consumption. Sense shows you each device that's on, when things turn on, and how much energy each device is using in real-time.
Pete Voss Sense Does this require that the home has a digital meter provided by the power company?
Steve Swygert
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Al Butler I use TED. Doesn't need an app, runs in a browser. More
The Energy Detective (TED) is an electricity monitor that will help lower your electricity bill by providing…
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Sense Hi Al - Very cool that you are interested in tracking your energy consumption. This is quite different from both TED and Kill-a-watt, however. Sense shows you real-time data by appliance, whereas TED shows you only the aggregate. Sense can tell you whe...See More