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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Aging As A Nation

In these last ten years as a nation we are forever different then we thought we'd be and we also are a country still united no matter how much controversy. Change is happening and paradigms are shifting and I think the future bodes well. It's time to crank up the economy !!! Upgrade and renew infrastructure !!! Employment for all that seek it !!! New green era manufacturing in the USA. Continue to work on education issues. Focus on high speed rails, and other mass transportation and place billions towards research and development in green era battery technology and storage technology. Continue to develop geo- thermal. Start thinking making about great new innovative ways to build and design massive construction sites from the ground up with green era type materials for both conservation and strength and Longevity as well.

There are many things to think about today as we move forward and it takes great vision to realize that we are actually on that path now Endwell headed towards the positive direction that we need to be headed. We have suffered through some very extraordinary little Styles as a country but it looks like we have all hunkered down a well on taking our lumps and I think we're going to come out much better on the other side of it because we did so.

Car sales and housing are both up right now. In the housing market I meant construction is up as well as a sales. We bailed out GM and Chrysler and it looks good that has done well for these companies and the American people with as well.

We have to focus on bringing jobs and the spirit back to Little America. The small towns and cities and municipalities and townships and counties all across this country that have had their Spirits ripped out when we Outsource labor to other countries. We are responsible for selling our own country off and reaping those profits and spending them for our own desires and now we are paying the price for that dearly. As far as I'm concerned we have a extremely selfish generation and that is going to be coming to pass before long and I hope that no other generation Leverage is everything that they can to get as much cash as they can to spend and go crazy on all the expensive cars and getting second mortgages on their home to make hundred-thousand-dollar Editions or even million-dollar decisions depending on where you live and anyhow and this gross over absorption of the self really truly bankrupted our country.

What is a bankrupted our country what I mean is that is taking all of the liquidity out of our hands and it's taken all of the volume monies that were on the street constantly flowing between hands and Merchants and vendors Distributors and corporations and Proprietors individuals and made that volume now low or less than before.

One thing that will not be accounted for is that people have now designed barter and trade systems that are excellent and will now certainly be normal even here in the United States where bar was virtually non existent on a massive level until just a very short time ago.

There are still a ton of suffering all around so don't think that it does not exist and please do not stay disconnected if that is what you are. Drive somewhere where people are suffering and attend a church service, or a Lions Club dinner, or visit a library or spend a day shopping in that City and see what it is that you observed while you are out and understand that the suffering is everywhere still and it's deep. We have more jobs here now and Allegany County and Cumberland as a city than we did a short time ago I think however we still don't have nearly enough. We are making progress but it is not ever nearly fast enough and that it's nobody's failing that is because we absolutely can't move fast enough to stay on Pace as we are always indeed playing from behind and trying to play catch-up which is never a smart game to play. If you want to win you have to look far ahead and have plans and you have to have flexibility and you have to know your strengths and weaknesses through asset allocation. It seems to me that both our city and our County now have a firm grip on those things finally in the proper leadership has been able to gel and its positions and further help to enhance these New Visions to be coming into fruition.

I don't even want to talk about politics. I'm so tired of everything on an international national seeing with that it just makes me feel. What makes sense is that we continue to move forward in respect to the areas where we have.

And concerns to defense spending and Military size I think it is time that we spend a lot in those respects and that we also build our military and further focus on becoming the best-trained and best-equipped military in the world by far. We cannot afford to rest on our Laurels and be even comparatively close to equal to another military threat as that would not bode well for the future of freedom, and as unfortunate as it is, war and battle and fighting is just a truth and reality of life, no matter we like it or not. BH that we are going to have to deal with it we best deal with it to the best of our ability and it is a system that we have here that has been designed with these types of things in mind so that building a good military does not hurt our economy but rather helps it. And that employees, and that helps families and that helps all of us.

I'm not even going to bring up anything about the election specifics about this except for both ever you think is going to serve the best interests of this country. But also keep in mind that you going to be voting for an individual that you think he delete his party. And which party is it that you would think could be lead today?

And the Republicans of disgust me and they want to repeal so much that is taking so long for the American people to get. The majority voted for this president for 8 years. This president of the majority vote has now made it the law of the land that Health Care is something that we are going to deal with this way and we have no more time to waste trying to repeal it. In Maryland we are a perfect example of how to operate within this system well and although further scrutiny is always well needed in new systems to fully better understand them on hole it is certain that there is a great system here that compliments the new federal system cat is performing very well in the states that have embraced it and work hard to make sure that all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. I am seeing things grow around me and it looks to me that things are picking up at a very brisk pace. It's time to start spending money again and as time for the investors to start investing and it's time for the lenders to start lending so we can get this entirely massive economic machine clipping along at a good Pace instead of just barely barely keeping an idle and sputtering off and on and missing on cylinders all too often and while needing a tune-up and an oil change. It's time to wake up entirely and crank up our entire nation in every respect and focus and work very hard on the future that we desire for tomorrow before we really don't have time to do so anymore.

There's no doubt about it that there is a change in the air and everybody can feel it. It's a change in the world around us. Is a change in US together in the world we reside in. And it's a change in the way we go about doing everything we do as we more carefully and tactfully analyze every single motion today more carefully than we ever have in the past.

How will you be a part of that change?

What Legacy is it that you would like to leave for that next generation, your children? Your siblings children. Your cousins or nephews or nieces. What is that Legacy you would like to leave for them?