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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Google Suggestions

Google needs to make an app for feedback and suggestions. Just as simple as that. For example I use a product called the Blogger which I love dearly. I use voice recognition while I utilize my blogger which I also love dearly. What I find is that in my Android operating system on my LG G4 when I open my blogger app and I am utilizing my voice recognition once I get to a certain amount of characters, which I have yet to count, it seems as though I can no longer add any more words through the voice recognition system that Google offers through the Android app. I believe this is just simply a programming glitch and if the flow chart is look that should be easy to identify by line item in the program and very easily administered, or corrected.

My point all of this is through several Google searches I couldn't just open a page that had feedback that would log in all of my user information that I'm already signed in with where I could just make this simple statement and push enter.

Upon using blogger with voice recognition on my LG G4 which is an Android operating system after, and I would count include the proper word count here after I figured out at 3 3 or 4 more inches, a certain amount of words have been stated and typed out onto the screen while utilizing voice recognition and maximum number is reached and no more had to be added. Please check of this and rectify this and let me know of this adjustment and make a public announcement as such also. Thank you for your kind consideration and your wonderful products

So pretty much that's exactly what I'm talking about. Everything we use on any platform is always really in a beta version when we have the flexibility to continue to grow and further standardize the industry with electronic compatibility today but cross the internet of everything.

I would love to hear an answer to this and other suggestions I have made one day just so I know that they do indeed count towards it better networked Community across the world making a difference the way we should be able to while using such wonderful technology learning and sharing with one another and growing and even better future for tomorrow.