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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Western Maryland and Our Health Care, National Healthcare Take Notice

Check out this link below this is exactly what we need in our area so that patients to easily monitor their own health alongside professional guidance and suggestions.

Unless I am completely mistaken I do not believe that we have access to anything like this in our area. I do believe I may have read where they are working on trying to get all this into a database and have it accessible one day but I know that there is quite a bit of debate about if this is wise or not to conduct. I certainly hope that this is happening now and if anybody knows of any information about this type of app that would be available through our doctors offices or through our local institutions please leave a comment here so that we may further share that with others. If you would like to share links to articles supporting this type of technology which is innovative then please do so at the bottom, & I do not mind if they are in either pro or con form as far as their writing with the theme here overall, as I believe anything that helps another do their own due diligence in form their own best opinion makes the most sense to me.

This type of feature that matter clinic as I was going to be revolutionary in the field of medicine because it is going to be able to help each patient access their own medical records right at their own fingertips anytime that desire track of their own medical progress or lack thereof and make the necessary appointments and adjustments through professional advice and suggestion and guidance and an app like this only further and empowers a patient to better take back their own health and to maintain it as well which eventually means they healthy or individual, healthier family, a healthier society, and less expensive overall in the total aspect of overall health care per capita for a country that is going through huge changes right now and needs to become financially accountable on every single level here and moving forward.

It seems that far too often we wait a decade or even more to make the critical moves that will make a difference today.

This is what my local hospital's corporation offers.

Western Maryland Health System - Cumberland, Maryland

This is the form you need to download, print, and fax or mail back along with a copy of your license or state authorized identification.

This is their fax #.


We do not have a decade to wait to react the time to react is immediate and this is the type of tool that everybody needs at their fingertips all the time in order to make progress in other areas thus further pushing along the individual and society and other aspects where we should be achieving great progress right now today.

We only fall farther behind when we are not healthy as individuals and collectively as societies or cultures or nations or what other division line you would choose as a group be it on a smaller or even on a larger level. When you are already in an area that is suffering and on the lowest rung of the socio-economic echelon ladder then it is quite clear to see that this is a tool that we need today and cannot even wait another day to have and implement.

There should certainly be a network or across this entire nation and more standardization of simple medical data as such and all be much easier to process for billing and insurance purposes as well.

There are lawyers and they are doctors in there are insurance companies and those are always the top three two of which are individuals and wanted company, groups that are going to be in control of huge amounts of money. Massive amounts of money.

There's absolutely no excuse today to not have everybody's medical records online and easily able to be viewed anytime by them that they so desire. We have cloud computing today and we have excellent, indeed the finest ever, cyber security in the world.

I sure would love to have seen all of my collective medical records myself I would be able to do so much more for my own health, and far more than any doctor possibly could because I am the one he's most interested in promoting my own health. To most doctors we all know that they have no time to specifically look at our own cases as where we could spend countless hours upon ourselves that are educating our selves to our and conditions and understanding how to better address and treat these conditions as well as spotting the telltale signs to many of these conditions and diseases long before they are terminal in fact.

This sooner all of our own medical records are at our fingertips the sooner we can all heal much quicker and make the Over convoluted system that exists today a discussion of only our past into history and how we addressed these terrible issues and correct them immediately.

The only reason for not having all of this at your fingertips right now his poor leadership at any institution that disagrees in making these things available to their medical clients and patrons and that should not be tolerated in any instance as we all are looking for answers and these are answers that need to not be kept from the patients who generated the data sets to start with.

All this technology already exists. The only issue there is is if an institution is going to take the initiative to execute using the technology that is available today to put these medical records at your fingertips or if they refused to do so because they are naive and ignorant to the actual facts today. If they're telling you anything else there really is no other truth to it has to be either subscribe to this philosophy or they do not. If they do then they can tell you where the progress is in when you can expect to have an app like this on road right before your own very eyes through your closest medical institution and doctors office, otherwise you must heard that they get on the ball and do this today and that we all further are able to cross communicate and compared with one another when it comes to medical records so that we can further study the big data involved and even more importantly find more solutions to poor health today, as well as instantly be able to identify after locating, clusters of certain types of illnesses so that we can see where, let's say example industry, might be hurting a particular part of society and then we could further understand what we need to study by this method being able to pinpoint where potential problems are actually arising. This type of technology will only become more refined and more able to be used as each one of us is rather like a sensor out in the real world and then we will have a place to read all of that data and report back to us where then we can become actuators to and actually change what it is that is the behavior that we are finding damaging to the self or to the culture or to the society or to the institution, what have you and make the proper adjustments and change.

I really have been looking forward to this technology to roll out quickly for some time and personally I am past the time of patience as I have waited to 5 years in 5 years to me seems like more than long enough. This is something that has got to be implemented immediately.

It seems to me that it is in their best interest to overcome everything be at paperwork or anything else along that way systems have been and especially are the further you get away from their origin. Meaning if we look at 1 doctor's office paperwork that could be quite difficult in itself but then to have to submit that to the places they are required to and convert all of that data and two new legible data for the system its being submitted to that gets difficult and then that same exact system is replicated over and over and over again.

You really should be one origin and one point of entry and that is all. That way there will be much more efficiency and much less accidental problems and expenses. That is the kind of system that makes everybody healthier and happier in the long run.

When we standardize two platforms it always makes for much more efficiency and there's no argument against that that can even possibly be made it is a fact and practically common knowledge in most fields today and is the only way we should be moving forward. I hope you go explore this mayos APP as its new and maybe we can all start pressuring our country to further look into things like this that will standardize and simplify systems that are indeed over convoluted and we can all start healing even more so together and get our country even more so on track financially as it should be. I do not think that extra money found in healthcare when we become more efficient should be paid to more doctors and more insurance companies, it should mean that costs come down and that everybody is able to save money in this system that is not working for the people that it is supposed to serve.

Let's work hard today for progress that we can have tomorrow and it takes sometimes writing our congressmen and our senators and our local politicians to support things on state levels and urge that these issues be supported. There needs to be a discussion on every level and there needs to be urgency of federal levels in certain regards today has too many issues are distracting us from the most important issues and by these distractions we are not making the progress that we should be and only leave ourselves open really for further pain and possible even attacks to win so distracted. The point being is that we need to work together towards making this progress and it's got to starts today

Mayo's always sets the bar very high to achieve perfection in the medical field as is best possible and that is why I always look to them to see what direction they are going. Likewise, I might look at another institution for clues such as M.I.T.  in Massachusetts, or West Point in New York, or George Mason University in Virginia, so it matters not private or governments or state as much as it means cutting edge and leading by example. I am looking for leadership and I'm looking for examples to throw in front of everybody so that we can find the common bonds together and move on them quick.

I am looking for a bright new healthy tomorrow where we can all be more productive and happier people and live the lives and dreams that we all are working hard towards together.