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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Who Owns WMHS - Western Maryland Health System

Serious question here Cumberland, Maryland

Is the Western Maryland Health System still owned and licensed outside of the United States?

If so, and I have heard it is and had a hard time finding much information about it myself with the little diligence I did perform, ...I am curious of your, the reader's, thoughts about the possible reasons for this if indeed the rumor is trus as it appears to indeed:

Business logic and rational

Are they a non-profit , can more be sheltered this way and where do fees get paid?

Does our local area make a penny off of the healthcare we offer our citizens or is it a massive funnel federally subsidized and going right into another country?

These funds are potentially lost forever and it is exactly the type of ill written and then utilized law/policy that make for these types of events and practices to take place and become seemingly normal, acceptable, and the standard.

I have asked this question and never get a definitive answer but the Inbox in my email and my facebook activity is astonishing.

I believe these types of situations, if indeed true, are concerns and issues that need to be examined by citizens when we have a country suffering and money disappearing while we know for a fact that is more suffering right now then since the 1930's and there is a definite disproportionate number of institutions and individuals getting richer that are already exuberantly so already in such a way that it is obvious who benefits if new policy / law all too often.

Why can't I find an easy answer to this online?

I think it should be federal law that all health care institutions and practices lust all owners of any company at all be it parent, subsidiary, or other corporate class, name, or title, such as, but not limited too,  LLC.

Are people really scared to talk about all of this as it appears?

If money is being invested here and I know millions of federal dollars being paid out to those in business under this arrangement as rumored, I think we have a right to know exactly who that is, and the fact that the answer is difficult to find and that there is a coordinated effort to hide this information almost sound well... sounds out of the ordinary. But hey, who the fuck am I right? I don't buy and build hospitals. Perhaps this is all standard protocol today.

Please comment here if you know an answer ... Thanks

I would also love to hear the logic and rationale too and an open discussion below in the remarks area is strongly suggested and appreciated.

I have a Facebook and you may inbox me there too please.

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