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Friday, April 22, 2016

Ocean Buoy Cell Phone Towers

I'm watching a program today and I'm seeing that this group of folks on Vise Essentials. They are going to take a trip from California to Hawaii and the title is "Toxic Garbage Island" the documentary from 2016.

So one thing the captain said that was interesting is that they are not going to have any cell phone service while they're out on the ocean. I'm wondering if it would ever be worthwhile to have some kind of a drone buoy that could also act as a cell phone tower or if that would never be possible. Obviously it probably wouldn't work very well as a tower so although it might have to have a mask of some type for transmission and reception it could just have better Electronics in an overall to work well and maybe even some kind of balloon deployment system to raise a wire high up and to bring it down unless it needs a dish of sorts which is most often the case. However with the Horizon as such and a perfect line of sight 2 most satellites and that part of the sky I think Avery might be very smart 2/2 and again a drone buoy would be the wisest to utilize as it could be maneuvered any time two different positions depending on weather and service, and service I mean maintenance for the drone buoy itself.

Is there a way to prove or theorized philosophically that they could become economically feasible in any such possibility?

If designed properly would they be worthwhile if they could be pulled behind a ship or a boat traveling?