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Saturday, April 23, 2016

On our way to see mother in West Point two years after her death

I headed east on Interstate 68 which was lined with Red Buds throughout the whole Mountain this way and beautiful blooming flowers of spring.

I was on my way to Alexandria and it was April 23rd 2016 my mother had passed away exactly two years ago to the day.

I started out the morning with an omelette something mom and I always ate and I wasn't feeling particularly well on this drive today and wondered if the mushrooms I ate or perhaps painted in gold because I felt as though I had no equilibrium and my census kept feeling this feeling of vertigo and I had very nauseated stomach before and I'm familiar with nausea and mushrooms and other experiments.

Soon I would be with my family eating dinner and in two days time we will be heading northward to West Point New York where my mother was laid to rest on the Hudson at the United States Military Academy where my father graduated in 1952 and my brother as well in 1982.

West Point is a Bittersweet homecoming of sorts but in the end it's always a distinguished centerpiece of our family and that is been Timeless in my mind from day one. I had many dreams and aspirations of being a good dad but I was never healthy enough that I've been healthier it is definitely the path I would have pursued as I had my mind set on it and when things started to not to go that direction it was heartbreaking but I don't admit it much because it doesn't matter much to me if I still feel the same way inside because I learned certain things for my father from my brother who are my examples. And when I say my examples in particular I mean my male role models. Of course my female role model his mom and that you were going to all go visit and we all desperately Miss.

I love these mountains out here and Cumberland Maryland and in the alleghenies and in Appalachia. There really is nothing else like them that I've been to so far and I've been through these mountains and many different states and I've been out west into the Rockies which I adore to but these mountains have some charm for me and I can't quite explain exactly what it is but it is from here that I head back East where I grew up.