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Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Factitious Book ~ Excerpt ~ MobiusTripz

With knowledge I have and then what and how so do I proceed forward or have I yet already?... or is it all just a wild projected dream I am so very witness too, this fleeting glimpse called life. Who Am I and what with will I ever do? Who are you and what business of it is it mine or any others what you choose not so to share or is it there where sin does lie? Does sin lie ? ...or does it lie? We all know it lies. Speak to only my face and never through another, these conduits, where meaning and message are lost. The messenger should often very well be shot as he has no place to deliver a message I understand now so well indeed. These lessons learned and never shared for perhaps another has not yet stepped here and survived indeed ! I love my family and my friends and the love emanates and never ends, and the love is shared and not pretend, and the love is known from birth to stone, and for it we defend if so needed with our lives. Our country greater we too protect with life, and our God of choosing as well as yours next to our nation we hold up high and rejoice and offer up our thankfulness for such a together shared now life. Will you join us? Such puzzlery this life we weave don't be naive we live and grieve... such choices (excerpt The Fictitious Book ~ Chapter 12, p.432)