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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Wicked Winter Winds - Poetry - MobiusTripz

The western winds blow stiff and fast a reminder to winter and across the mountains rugged while the sun descends yellow and orange aglow bathing fresh buds on trees still quite unsure just what to do,
And while many scoff at the concerns about global climate instability and unpredictability, we have forecast but missed nearly a snow in May my personal testimony, while trapped between two peaks od this Omega system as is classicly taught historically speaking about meteology, and then a rapid shift in the jet stream and it's as though in the blink of an eye after 13 or more straight days of rain it was two months before once again indeed, and felt more wicked with a body such as these trees, indecisively still acclimating to anticipated shifts always the other way this time of year should be clear approaching winter, and if this shift I have now for decades warned and the plants still share evidence if thus truth I share so clear to me, nor yet wrong been have I!

... And it's winter my bones still scream with agony as many of my friends are ill in bodies totally unprepared,
Perhaps tomorrow will be 90 degrees and records being set this memory too so shall fade,
But my ancient one hundred year old window pane rattles and sounds I hear from trailz repeated, these ancient paths, and after the Omega thanks s ending of sorts within this el nino,
What shall we next expect ? Just do not find yourself ill prepared and cold and sick as I, and no one really cares is the truth no one wants to hear but these are indeed the most selfish of days with so many worse so sure to come.

And so we hide and horde,
And stowaway under ground,
That we want only for ourselves,
If all hell breaks loose and bombs shake the ground,
Or lasers fill the sky,
Get yet shit and run and I'll see you,
At the place we all planned to be,
At exactly four hours past meeting time,
Or forever you shall hold your peace.
Rest in peace, rest in peace, rest in peace,
Wicked often are they who plan so very well,
trapped now within the details where only there is enough room for one,
And now the odd one out!
I raise my scope and hone my focus in your life in my trigger finger always rests.

And how can I get over on another person?... they all don't question but rather ignorantly heed,
As I bow my head thankful to have that which I so surely need,
Thankful to be so very blessed indeed,
Thankful to have all which I need.
I wonder how they lost their way and why they enjoy such misery?

I pray for strength so I may offer others a glimpse too,
at hope and so to, together,
we can get just to the other side of that horizon where there is light of eternal  promise and hope,
for all and at this point so now met too with at long last peace.

We danced and sang and made sweet music for the rest of all of perfect at long last time and each now alive within the other now never to be overlooked or under considered or know any suffering ever again now we were all in this instant the same.

The wicked winter winds always subside and nothing ever can conquer love because anything else is surely only temporary.