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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cradles of Edens Across the Solar System ~ Free Verse Poetry ~ I Am Program

Cradles of Edens Across the Solar System First

Cradles for life, lush wombs,
Lullabies, lambs, sweet loving tunes,
Swaddled in warm healing blankets of penetrating energy,
We will be back together one day all healthy soon.

Then forth gaining energy,
Collapsing downward towards a point focused we shrink,
Span across spacetime and space or time  too before combined,
And seed the planetary system then spiraling outward 1614 across the galaxy life it is what will again so abundantly be,
After the time of deep death and suffering during the era of desertification.

Little minds get so upon dined and always left behind in the sands of time a wake that always leaves a seemingly indelible trace until that wave just quickly beavers away and a generation dies and there is no knowledge passed on any other way and the lessons learned so vanish too like those once thought so powerful and into that final sunset we all shall ride stripped as we go to that throne !

Think about what learned and what move next now you so shall make that will be so indelible it ripples across all of spacetime forever and a day so that the lessons so offered don't just simply and too easily with deep intellectual thought first all just fade away. Nothing so learned,... then nothing can ever be ventured nor so ever gained.

Cradles of Edens Across the Solar System First, then outward we shall spread life across the strata of everything, across all that is the universe, exactly as you see it in your eye.


Excerpt ~ I Am Program