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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Each City Has Its Hudson ~ (Excerpt - I Am Program)

... And so next came a reforming movement. The two main previous parties from before with any such perceived significance, the other fracturing parties just. That, a side sickness of greater ilks and ills,  which seem that would never have suffered such defeat, as it had now been defunct for some time and what we found under the reform movement was that people were either conformists or nonconformists and it was either those that were all for the law of the land or all against, and there was no other delineation anymore, because at least as a young nation we had worked through all of our other miserable problems... but when you thought that fighting over things such as were gifted To Us by our DNA was finally done andthat logic and rationale would finally win and that we would at long last have peace,... but no... it was almost like this new intellectual revolucion and its people realised something far deeper and with such great depth passed their own short little lives. We truly weren't selfish anymore in fact we promised from early ages to dedicate our entire lives to our movements and it was almost like it was born into our spirits. It truly mattered not which side noe so much more alike then not these principles so now shared. I'd rather not be born in any spirit ever once in a future yet again if we cannot better understand that we are not yet once again alike, no? Then for what greed,  all about everybody's gotta have what they want so much so that nobody else even matters any more? What will become of all of this and why do I not get to see that final destiny up ahead or is in death my sure short cut to my future up ahead a certain predetermined destiny? As so the Vikings Valhalla am I soon due my glory at long last? I train here in these mountains on Mars this planet so very far away and I know my lineage so recorded past. I'm close by to the exalted cities and prepared sharp for battle but only in that defense. Every city has its Hudson, and those protectors strong and brilliant training well nearby and since before others so across the world waiting others alike have for centuries and eons now already been dispatched, as so indeed is present in each and every town and man who each defends his shared land. Of my kind we volunteer and you may have us each but not until we offer every breath and blood against your so promised miseries, as long this mount I ride in pursuit of justice and all I will slay fast against it along this way! (Excerpt - I Am Program)