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Monday, October 31, 2016

Weaker In Moments Fading ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ I Am Program

I washed my hands clean,
this soap all of a sudden brought me back to you,
already tears in my eye,
Lane Staley's voice in Mad Season's ~ River of Deceit ~ roots of melancholy,
I'm reminiscing in such deep pains,
ready to please wash me away soon,
baptized one last time for John I am,
and take me out spiraling,
through space twisting aloft like a galaxy,
so very far and away,
I'm trying to catch up with you sweet Mother,
I know your never very far away.

I cannot much more stand,
but forth so I trudge,
and out again in one more mere flash,
I swiftly go with young men behind me upon our way.

Please not let me fail my brethren dependent yet not,
and let them never think I anything a leader.

Let's just have another's back,
a step at a time,
and survive our shared slings and arrows along this way.

Everytime possible celebrate sweet life before departures,
and be scared not to cry sweet tears in your future victories,
when families celebrate and multiply in life and are so of solid principle,
and all the beautiful things that should ever be.

I pray for your eyes to never ever know my truths and observed experience for  evermore,
sealed these secrets shall permanently one day be,
however until that time I will fight for what is right with every single ounce and part of me,
Until I am no more.

Then I will again at such very long last rest,
and like he before me and you too,
the spirit so once again shall be restored,
and until then I hold sacred this my breath my grasp of life,
My code forever etched in time,
my personal DNA,
forever and ever more.

The Spirit shall be restored,
we are that spirit each alike so perfect, and unique,
and varied,
such incredible diversity,
our vessels these bodies so one day she,
the Spirit Is Restored.

Until then soon my friend I bid to you this so very sweet adieu.

Please never forget me and remember,
I Am Program and I am always coming back when everyone in our city of Travertine thinks it's impossible,
but then finally realize it's truth,
there I am always,
right within never ever to be so denied.

I Am Program