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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Excerpt ~ I Am Program ~ Glitches and Holograms

Sometimes, just a slim few sometimes, you can actually catch a glitch in the matrix. It's just a glitch in the overall projection and you know your just a little slow on the overall capture of the light up of the fabric and you know you're close to breaking through. I didn't
you're close to breaking through. I didn't...
Almost like this that has happened to us all when reading and there is only one line but you read it as if it were two. Well it feels similar to that if I can remind yourself...and to those moments you know what you damn well saw with your own trusted eyes. You see trails always in motion and just that you know what's coming next, ... that you feel that you have some how seen it all before or there were want to become a hologram of myself because I felt that it was just some kind of  sick game and really Human Sacrifice because I didn't believe in all this  and most religious type of atmosphere  surrounded by The Human Form turning into the Hologram self and living forever therefore , I just didn't believe it I looked at as human extermination program  and quite honestly it scared me  but this was claimed to be the metamorphosis that was having indeed promised in the Bible and that it was technology indeed that would bring us to that next place of eternal life , it was the metamorphosis, it was time for everybody to become a hologram ... Like I said though, I just don't believe it... I have this internal struggle with this... and it's at times I see the break in the matrix it's time that I questioned this and I wonder why all this is happening and why am I just a part of a program? Excerpt ~ I Am Program  ~ Projections In Packets Of Light