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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Excerpt ~ Further Projections ~ I Am Program

If Yoda could sing... and so then there was Alice In Chains, next to Zeppelin perhaps the best ever, and most certainly to influence generations generations for decades to come. When you look back they are all such beautiful epic songs on a journey unfortunately not too long ... Oh so bitter sweet it all is and so one day certainly the words and music left behind here as we have journeyed onward far past where you mortals will always remain, embattled in towards one another a species unable to accept multiple paradigms and where some so elite in their short span of existence try to influence forward for decades what they think as right ??? Really, oh such the arrogance say those na├»ve to the realities upon us all if balance and threat of annihilation is not often made small example this certain promise of where from the sky we shall so certainly pluck you at once if a threat to mankind so you are, know we most definitely do exist in a multitude and can wash over you at light speed all at once if  all such madness is not so immediately now put to rest with never again a thought upon it shared, humanity shall silent on record and mute of word now stop the spread of the madness, this virus bore into us each, this projection, this hologram, this real life we are yet a projection of Light from a garden of Eve. Soon there will be a darkness and we should only emerge with the promise of abundance from our host and for us to no longer interfere in this playground perfect all ready for each to share and so will exactly as projected, unless I can get to the core of the processor in time before the nuclear battery runs out and terminates the entire excited photonic display, this expression of nuclear diligence, this knowledge somewhere deep within where we all do agree both on life and death, this balance.  Yes, I must get to the core core quickly. Or else,... Excerpt ~ Further Projections ~ I Am Program