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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Excerpt ~ I Am Program

Excerpt ~ I Am Program

Love ~

It is perhaps the strangest conundrum to the entire Human Experience.

For example,

There are so many people that I love that it is truly hard to imagine how fortunate I am to know so many people to care about but it is sad that it is hard to get along with most of them.

Denominator ~

An interesting word and when considered in the aspect that I'm a denominator it sure looks like it's likely for me to be the problem

 * but *

If you go to AA everything after this is supposed to be b******* so I would suggest you just continue to stay brainwashing down read it even though this has absolutely nothing to do with that it's a quite funny fact. The places I have been in the things I have observed have truly been a life not wasted.

I don't feel that that's the case.

I think the case is everybody is having a really difficult time right now and it's hard to make another second Kama so hard it's impossible and deed comma and I already have like so much in the schedule of my life dealing with my own part of the equation which seems to get larger with age as I lose my strength and stamina and of course there needs to give you many things and so in the middle of rearranging I am and so busy I am and so in the middle of so many projects I am and like my other projects they will be accomplished to undo order and as time permits and what I know is I never have enough time to be with the people that I love and enjoy the most the ones I feel closest to and so alive and so just in love with life and those people around me when we discuss art and things of that nature, you people are Meijer Tama, my angels... straightening out all of the other 90% that just can't seem to understand how temporary all this is and how much their lives are such complete and utter b******* and all about themselves and that there's a much bigger picture and it's called the planet we live on and the Legacy we're going to leave because we're going to work really hard to make sure that we do not defeat ourselves.

True Love ~

 I hope that maybe perhaps you all will come out here and lift me up cuz I'm really close to being about done with all of this.

Confusion ~

 Some of the things I heard today directly from a person in such incredible power that they have permission by the state to carry a gun  and permanently in the the life of another human being in a situation in which they have used their discretion to the best of their ability and feel that the threat is so grave that this is the last resort.

 I can't process this very well at this point to understand that someone said the word Exterminating today talking about other people. I think more I can't believe that I agreed with him in certain circumstances is called for but Exterminating it's such a different type of word to consider and when it's about a group there's a problem there and it was not racist at all it was purely about people that are uncivil and cost the system Non-Stop and hurt and hurt and hurt her f****** country.

 In consideration of the last paragraph I feel like I don't fit in that group but I sure feel like I could fall backwards right into it again. I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke shitty cigarettes.  I care enough about me today that I don't want to reach in your pocket anymore. problem is I can't stand up and I just feel like I'm done.

 I was driving down the highway earlier tonight after picking up my stuff when I was driving back towards the beautiful city that I love and I realized it had changed, it had all changed I felt like I was done there too

 People ~



I'm thankful I got my neurons finely-tuned at last and that was the finest doctor visit I have ever been too.

 Doc and I shared a joint and we talked for about 35 minutes or so and we just came to the conclusion that marijuana helps us feel a lot better when we're sick and we're going to use all the science we can to try to give ourselves some longevity but at our Ages were also going to be pretty wise and find the things that work best for pain.

 Gilbert and I had known each other only a short time but it sure seemed like we knew each other for several lifetimes somehow we just seem to think so similarly enough.

 We were trying to sort this situation out better and it's very difficult because of where we come from and we are extremely concerned and feel that we and educated people were in one class and then there were the other people and we felt like that must be two people and need to be exterminated if you think like that philosophy and we don't and I can't reiterate that enough I hope it echoes in every reader's in mind !

 I'm at a point where I can only think one way because I'm only one person but I want to know what everybody else is thinking.

I think in the new session of Neuron Tuning I want to further discuss all of the parameters available.  I think the aim must be to solve this sociological and cultural problem in the shortest order possible but then I wonder and further consider it more important to solve it with the least amount of life lost ...or is it okay and then therefore longer may have to be acceptable?

 I can't believe we're talking about extermination again here in the year 20,097 when we have been so incredibly decent after what they did back in 2019.

 well now it seems this expression has been around thousands of years and I hope you understand it but ~ it just seems so silly in retrospect, looking back at all of this now. you just have to keep questioning how those people back in 2019 did not see it coming. there's a problem here though and it is that we can't question anybody because they're gone and we have to wonder what happened and why were they so selfish they couldn't leave a message of the lesson but the problem is I think there was no lesson ever learned.

When we get to this place (time in society) we pause and we can only wonder if they didn't realize that they had taken the mark when they walked around with that technology in their hand and of their body and fully possessed of the Mind and nothing but distraction all around catastrophes waiting to happen comma and others to help them directly down that path swiftly. Down

I think on that note I'm going to rest my aching back and pick this up another day.

You know always right before you close your eyes because flesh has so much work to do to stay healthy too curious about and then so we rest, I always wonder if at the end of my program.

Stress ~  I have heard that coping mechanisms have been around since thought and movement and so I decided tonight before bed I'm going to try to do that in your own tuning on my own, because now I know exactly where I want to go and what I want to do and I never had this precise vision before.  The other thing I always wonder is when I'm awake and when I'm at rest because that point where we paid off well?

Excerpt ~ I Am Program