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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Epochs & Anomalies & Life In This Goldilocks​ Zone ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program

I imagine in one of the early Earth epochs there was a time when asteroids (voice recognition said bastards) were like a cancer on the earth, not letting any life form, and every time there was a jump start on it indeed again, the progress was erased. Or something like that you get the general idea. It's probably what forged us the way we are with such stubborn hardened genetics that is such a masterful code upon code upon code intertwined fan twisted in more ladder wrung like code  that is the only known code able to reprogram itself, indeed this the only dynamic code in the world that is known today, DNA, that responsible for our projection and therefore our experience and therefore each and all of our realities.

These things make you wonder and wonder and wonder and I'm glad my mind never stops because I enjoy the journey my mind is on as much as I enjoy life itself.

It's mind-blowing to me that somehow I am alive at all beating all of the odds and then to know that I am living a life where absolutely anything is the foreseeable and possible future well that's pretty exciting as well and that just tells me even when it gets tough don't give up and reach out and talk to friends and I know yesterday and the day before we're great powerful days like that we're friends and I spoke and we needed each other it was so mutual and natural and it is friendships like these I have missed for decades quite honestly.

I feel like I have been patient more than I knew patient had time and I'm glad to see that at least something in my life is paying back a dividend at long last because little else gives me much faith when most of my faith and deed Wayne's Evan more and more no matter how much stronger I build it because what I see around me to tracks from it but I will not that let be a distraction either from the dreams that I know are inside that I will continue to seek and if and when achieved then more I shall set until no further I can muster any strings to move and go forward and then my friends keep going without ever looking back and should not a tear but celebrate the life shared wouldn't that be the perfect ending and then ultimately my question always is why the ending part comma and then a maddening dammit as I feel so powerless in humbled all in one glaring and glancing moment as my eyes cry quickly River of Tears I didn't even know was coming because repressed this has been too long answer again renewed above and beyond all of my problems is how sweet this opportunity really is no matter what the challenges before me both known or unknown are moving forward oh how blessed we are that we are here together now.

I pray the Legacy we leave is thoughtful and the work place towards that abundant so those dividends for future Generations massive because they deserve that.