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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Dichotomy of A Nation About To Fall

After wave and wave and wave of disinformation, what tactic do you think best serves its useful purpose next?

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Stockpile ammo.
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The Truth.
And Love And Peace.
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What no one ever cares about in a selfish world is a friend like me looking at my friends at the two extremes, and as I am in the middle I will most certainly just get cut down. Of course, someone will say jump, and how high, and etc. it will just start again elsewhere until we are each caught in a crossfire of sorts. When the heck do we wake up as Americans and get over ourselves? I agree with each of you because I will be exercising the option that guarantees I survive too !!! But better yet I will exercise an option upon which others can at least agree to think through these options well ahead of time before they are executed and then, throw down the gauntlet because I think we are perfectly split divisively at home as in Viet!Nam era days, and precisely orchestrated behind the scenes by a majority of the members of the Democratic Party, I will inject, and in attempt to ensure Another Clinton travesty, but far worse, falling further into the trap being set finally at long last revealed as uncovered and fully criminal without doubt and sadly a debacle we may not time and when as such, weak for the striking too quickly implode as there would be a very swift confusion of power if not prepared and with certain other tactics I cannot discuss, down we go... and trust we are at a Holy was as it has been declared, ask a Frenchman or an Englishman, as they all now surely believe, and so how best do we bridge the personal divides far and long before the wolf is at the door, because trust me when I say not that he is coming, but that he is indeed and in fact lurking far to near.

There are laws in this land, and when these laws are no longer enforced and the citizens get so lax they think that they can do as they please, well you have what we have today, alongside a well orchestrated decades in the making long political coupe of the modern era that was completely defeated, which I clearly predicted before anyone in the media and anyone I heard anywhere, fact !!! Go check my timeline !!! Compare it to any valid legitimate source !!! I have a history of seeing the future and it is being swiftly revealed if you can read past the junk I have written and the other distractions in art. I know who needs to know, knows and things get accomplished exactly and precisely as they should, and that is for certain.

I know for a fact there is massive corruption throughout the entire government because we are splintered but more than anything disrespectful of the law, and myself included I have rather rebellious and cavalier attitude at the same time, but I think we promote those things in America as American as Cowboys with that same fierce determination and drive and the ability to offer up their own lives for change that they each believed in, as I feel, so I kind of feel I know the feeling to a degree. A man just wants to be a man of his own ability to support himself and his immediate kinfolk and to be able to go through a few problems without assinine things like taking a license from a man who has made financial and responsibility mistakes such a child support. When you steal his privilege to drive a motor vehicle, which has nothing at all to do with ANYTHING BUT a way to inflict a harsh penalty for certain but on who ??

who pays for the dead beat dad who when he does decide to help out cannot any longer because of stupid politics, where now you leave the state with the expense, and that means the taxpayers.

Aso, what of those who just do not contribute at al in taxes as so required? Isn't there a law about that? But finances? Can we go after broke people? Too many double standards without foundations of logic and rationale i s all I observe in a nation where we have more people in recorded history incarcerated, however I do not know if that is necessarily the largest percentage of the entire population at any given time being incarcerated, and indeed if it is both, it further more shows only one of two things, that we have a failing correctional system or that criminal s cannot be reformed. The only other conclusion that may exist as an option is one of overall blame and not a solution so much to a current issue with other causation but rather the precise causation itself, and that may be just as a direct result of paradigm that is promised to fail after exceeding a certain population, just as a result of all current systems being unable to sustain mankind on a planet this size with finite resources concerning keeping resources both easily ready and available, so, "sustainable", and equally, less polluting and better preserved or, "

Maybe man has to "war (as a verb) in order to stay motivated to live a vigilant enough to stay driven to thirst for steady work and stability and security, because all too often when a man forgets about the threat of "others' he gets run down, and of course I mean mankind, not man alone himself as an individual per se, but rather every time a society civilized seems to hit a peak, alongside that peak is a steady rise in death and atrocity seemingly also unavoidable as a purely objective statistical fact of mathematics alone, always a proven drawback, and so what do we learn ???

What do we repeat this over and over again?

Is it because a cock strong arrogant leader of worlds gets mowed down before they are able to record their own pitfalls from which to learn from and that next the following "regime" comes along deleting all memory of that past as best possible out of the usual at first hate, fear, and anger, and then just for sustainable power.

It's human t be paranoid and its human for many to desire to rise t the top. It's built into Alpha Male programming as a fact of life, so try and cry as you will, the world will never be perfect snowflakes, and bitch if you will and put others down to you hardcore nazi republican, as though all should be so blessed and as lucky as yourself.

The worst trait of humanity is that we are so very very selfish !!!

I see no hope in any new generation even though I want to, that fact is they are eating this "complete plate of SHIT" up as fast as it can be dished out...walking blindly with their noses into their "smart phones". Perhaps we should just throw all the manhole covers in the world into the rivers and solve this particular problem for good. Snowflakes melt, so no worries about them what so ever. Zealots usually really do explode now, so stay away from each and do not shop at Wal-Mart and America will be well on its way to healing far quicker. Start caring again and let's rebuild small town America fast and rebuild the farming industry dismantled by greedy chemical companies, the same ones monopolizing big pharma through the lawyers and doctors they own. Every aspect of the top of

Donate $5 a month to a charity who is a nonprofit and spends 90% of their total funds on their mission, not CEO's, volunteer, complain less and help more,

America is America because there is no more efficient form of checks and balances than a gun!

America is a Pyramid scheme, is it really a surprise we have a pyramid on the back of the money? It is the exact system we have truly subscribed too, and it's always a party until the house of cards falls, Ask Ivan Boesky or any other famous NY Stock Exchange thief, as only at the slaughter can someone get covered in so much blood money.

Until we somehow replace $$$ as we know and use it so that we can do away with greed and other things, well, these human character defects will persist and more than likely will in one-way shape or form anyway.

I would like to think we are evolving but really we are just simply cycling!

Pay attention to the patterns and always follow the $, at least it is useful to trace these thugs, and if it's a trail that helps weed those  that would cause harm to others, then so let money be that tool too and point that way as we have work to do.

So, yeah...stockpile ammo and then in the meantime while waiting,... try truth, love and ... never mind, I have to load up my gun, I see a hippie.

~ or ~

yeah man, cool bro, I aint carrying no gun, puff, puff, if they want to shoot me, shoot me man, when its my time and I am called up, what can I do, fire back ? No wat man, I ain't like that bro. Right? Yeah, no, right ?

See how we have our minds already made up on both sides???

fukkin' labels.