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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The day I met Steve Morse

The day I met Steve Morse is certainly a day I will never forget.

I was simply going to my friend's music store where I wanted to look at some guitars and buy some string. Well, there was a guy setting some equipment up and I asked my friend what was going on. He said that Steve Morse was performing a clinic for D'Addario string, and he insisted I stick around, it should be pretty awesome.

I stuck around, and boy was he right. I did not know of Steve Morse, and a short time later I was blown away and convinced I may have seen one of the greatest guitarists ever. You can google him and check him out if you do not know of him.

He is a humble man and not one to toot his own horn. The guitar does that for him. He has had a solo career as well as played with Kansas and is currently the guitarist for Deep Purple.

After the clinic he entertained questions and then after that session we all got to hang out and meet him if we liked. What a pleasure to talk to such a wonderful guy. He was never in a hurry, he was encouraging to the other artists present, and was just a laid back very nice and humble man.

I arrived at the Birchmere (Arlington, Virginia), ordered a beer, and Steve eventual;ly came out to the stage...he is not flashy, other then when he plays, because let's face it...his guitar does all the talking for him. What a virtuoso!

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