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Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Review: Chuck Carpenter's debut album,"can't keep this bird down"...Local CUMBERLAND, MD Artist

ComScore Well, this will be my first review of a local artist. This man is not only an artist of music but of drawing as well. Rhonda and I met him one day as we were going to the Post Office. We observed a man with a huge sign around his neck and a small table built into the front. We were a little taken back honestly. I have not seen this type of street vending in a long long while. Made me think of times when there were guilds and the artists wre the merchants too and they would peddle there wares. Well, we drove up to him after a quick run into the Post Office on Park Street here at home and said a loud hardy, "Hello"...what ya selling...we had read his sign best we could and it looked like he was selling his debut album...and we read right. It was May of 2010, and this entrpenuerial artist was peddling his very own debut album which he sold us for $ 1.00 You just cannot be more honest then that. he hand drew the album covers artwork. He did that for each individual cassette. yes you heard me right cassette. he honestly looked as though he felt a little bit guilty that he was charging an entire $ 1.oo...of course I just had to have one and would have payed $ 10.00 just to get my hands on it...I proceeded with a five minute interview with Mr. Chuck Carpenter and asked what was his music like before I got to listen to it...He stated it was a melding of Pink Floyd, The Sex Pistols, and some Deep Purple...more or less. I then said..." and I bet you played all the instruments on the tape too...right?"...He had...we left with a hearty thanks and he said with the $ 1.00 he could now go buy a Soda that he had been thirsting for...made my heart melt for real...because this was...REAL...he said I hope you all like it and if not at least you will have a good laugh...he even said that with pure sincerety. So when we got home we opened the tape...brought it to the cassette player...yes we still have one...well, several...and that in itself is another story as the silly expression goes...we listened...what a different fusion we had in our hands and ears. I was speechless it was as original as he had stated...I quickly called it circus music...and not in a demeaning is the keyboards...they are up beat, cheerful, and frantic all at once like a rabid sheep trying to escape from a burlap sack that was not there. The songs definently had a feel and a vibe and Rhonda and i got our groove on...we even shared it with our amazing neighbor Charles...he will be featured soon...if he lets me write about him...a truly fascinating man with both smarts and, as he put it, "MAD SKILLS"...and anyway again...that is another story...quickly becoming my favorite line! Well Charles was as floored as we were ...what had we found. Well I will post some tunes or links to the tunes soon, if Chuck the artist let's me digitize his cassette and upload it. I hope you will all give it an in depth listen. Mr. Carpenter states in the back cover of the groovy album art work that if you listen to his tape for an entire week...7 day...and listen to absoluely nothing else it may very well be your favorite cassette. Honestly, it may be your only cassette! I absolutely admire the drive and ambition that it took to individually make the album art work...again for each individual cassette, by hand none the photo copies here...this was fly it in your face marketing at it's finest. Then to sell it on the streets alone with a sign worn like armor showed he was a true warrior with a message. he was determined that he would produce an album, and he was not letting anyone stop him!...The name of the album is"you can't keep this bird down."...lower case, very non chalaunt, and the my book he did it. he made an album, he marketed it, and it sold ! Eurekea ! Success ! My hat is off to you Mr. Carpenter. I have my and a bass, a keyboard, rhythm instruments and my voice, but in nearly 30 years I have produced ZERO albums and only a handful of unpolished songs...and quite honestly I like them unpolished. You are more notorious in town as a musician then I ever will be. My hat is off to you sir. If anyone nows Chuck carpenter...tell him to get ahold of me here so I can post up his songs. Thanks...did you read the story here about the burning bush in my is a must read. Peace all !

Dayyyumm...almost for got the best part...Mr Carpenter gives a highly critical review of his self that includes his influences, artictic musical examples, and his musical philosophy. This is an album NOT TO BE MISSED.

He is the Beck of Cumberland, Maryland with a mean keyboard.

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