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Monday, May 10, 2010

George Passed Away !

That 's right...I have a neighbor that passed away...we had known one another for many years...the entire time I have lived in Cumberland. We were both city boys, he being a NewYork Jew, and me being the Washington DC WASP, and we shared so many mutual laughs over that. We moved to Cumberland, Maryland about the same time. He often often said there was a map to Cumberland but not everybody could find it. We feel blessed here. However, life is a strange thing and we had a very bitter falling out. He came to me one day to mend fences sincerely, and a few days later he was found deceased. So, needless to say, seeing the ambulance there at George's home the next day, and knowing he was and had been ill for sometime, it immediately hit me in my gut that he to was gone. Some emails he sent me were the most hurtful and hateful letters I have ever in my life received. So I prayed for him. Times were tense and taut between us, and then he was gone. His sister came from Jersey to get things straight at his home, I was to overwhelmed here to help there, but did my best. Well, George grew up a Jewish man in Jewish family. He was a smart man and well educated. He became a Christian and he built a site called...

when he passed I knew I must keep this as a legacy to him. So I paid for two years of licensing for the name and made sure the site stayed put. So I have many questions about what to do, and perhaps you all will make some suggestions to me about what to do with his site. George was a peculiar fellow, and educated man from New York that found his way to the countryside and drank beers and told stories with our "gang of old men" here in our "hood". He is laughing now. I was just going to write a few more things to keep it fresh...fresh in my head that we had mostly great times and friendship. We liked to combine words...many make new words and that was always fun, we always told jokes and puns, and listened to lots of tunes together too. he helped me often when he could and taught me a lot. Perhaps taught a good bit of both good and bad. It is ironic how some folks have so much smarts and then the common sense just seems to escape them...I could be one of these men myself...and George certainly was. What each of us has is Faith. Faith is more powerful then anything except God. We both new that and it was that that prevailed in the end. I am happy to know at the very least he is finally at spiritual peace and is cruising across the universe on a journey like what he thought he would have here on Earth. Our journey is an incredible combination of many things much to great for old Steve to try to explain...the point not sweat it...just enjoy it...and GREAT things will come to pass. I miss the good old George I knew, I miss the laughs, the BBQ's, the beers, the friendship. From different walks of life we shared views on religion, friendship, politics etc...and when you see our picture at a will know we were chums. Until the big BBQ in the sky, you are missed and thought of by friends often. May you be at PEACE as you so desired. I do wish I could have said an even better good-bye. There is nothing men of Faith cannot overcome if they are first peaceful, and then understanding. Seems to me so much of life is perspective, and for crying out loud we all come from and stand in different places most of the time. I, for one, try my best to daily pray first and then try to see where it is from where another comes. I try to patiently understand and offer a hand of friendship first, and always help if wanted. Not everybody wants help either and that is another story entirely. If you have any enemies however little...just mend a fence a little today...take a step of Faith and follow your heart. Use common sense. Of the friends I have mentioned here...I will never again have time on this Earth with them. George, and I know you hear me, know you are missed and Gods plans for you were to take flight abroad and live a fresh life with no demons ever have slipped these surly bonds and have Peace everlasting now. Until you show me how to use my wings, Amen to end with a laugh...watching him say Redneck to a local he just met and him meaning it from kindness and they not taking it at all well...well, that is just something you have to see for yourself. SHOCK FACTOR was something George was never short on.

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