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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Time I Met Dokken LIVE !!! Jaxx, Springfield, Virginia

Once I went to see my teen idol's Dokken (one of many teen idols) live at Jaxx in Springfield, Virginia.

I was drinking a beer before the show and saw a friend of mine named Bob Nalls and proceeded to

ask him what he was doing there. Bob was older then me, and I figured Dokken to perhaps not be his

cup of tea. Bob and I met at the Alexandria Bowling Center in Alexandria, Virginia and would often

throw darts together. He was working in the automobile sales industry at the time...anyway...Bob

said he was the manager...and I was like WTF...can you get me back stage to meet Dokken bro...he

cooly said...not a problem...and so I waited after the show...and there walks in Don Dokken and

George Lynch. I am now truly awe struck...all I could do was tell George how awesome he was and

that he was the baddest guitarist in the land and had some of the most insane riffs I have ever heard.

He actually looked like he dug the compliment deeply...and that was cool...but for the most part I

was so awe struck I was virtually speechless and was 100% thoughtless. Just shows me I must run

my mouth sometimes with no thoughts in my mind to support it. Hope that provokes a laugh. So after

that I went to the bar and grabbed a beer...this was now a private party and the business was closed

otherwise. So here is this guy telling jokes, and I walk over and answer the punchline when this guy

asks me the punchline to a joke he is telling everyone, which is a group of about 30 folks. He looks

surprised I know the answer and says nice to meet you my name is Mic. Well I say, (now using a

strong British accent) Mic...where ya's me Keith...I have been "lookin" for you...he is now

rolling (laughing) and answers me, now using his own made up British accent, my God your a mess I

did not even recognize you!...we all laughed our asses off. He tells two more jokes and you can hear

a pin drop when he is asking them...he looks at me now at the end of each joke and looks at me

like ...well... to finish each one now that I ruined the first. ..and as chance has it I know the punchline

of the next two. These also became the last two, as he saw the jokes were not working as suspected

but had everyone in stitches anyhow. As it finally quiets some, but everyone is still listening for him

to speak, I ask him if he was a Rodie for the band. Now everyone is laughing even louder then before

and they were already so loud it was hard to hear over everyone just before the more quiet period

when I get to ask this question. He looks astonished and so does most everyone around us, and I

wonder how far did my foot get down my mouth this time? He answered me... yeah I know some

guys in the band...I play drums for them. I must have looked dumbfounded or perhaps just plain

dumb. I sing and play I guess that is where my focus was earlier in the night watching

them live and then meeting them...because I did not know what Mic Brown even looked like after all

that !!!

... and this was a favorite band of mine and I just watched them from about 15 yards away...I

was standing next to a stack at one time listening to George Lynch just absolutely shred a guitar.

...That was night one...Night two...The next night they were due in Baltimore...and so was I. I drove

to Hammerjacks, arrived a little late, hooked up with friends after the show, as I was suppose to meet

before and be back stage and that just did not happen. So we hooked up afterwards and George asked

me how did I play tonight compared to last night? I was still no doubt awe struck at this moment as

now I am speaking to him for a second night in a row, and simply answered him, "Dude you always

rock!"...and he looked at me grief that is all you have to say ( he wanted a real critique

from me because from the night before he new I was good at listening as I told him I played, sang,

and was in the orchestra growing he expected something at least). Looking back, little did I

know that that night I was the embodiment of Beavis. I may be the character he is even based on, as

this happened before his (Beavis') era. was a truly incredible experience to actually meet

these guys. I was so fortunate that they got back together for a tour and that they were in town, and

that I saw a friend and he was good to me. Once again, great things happen when we are good to one

another. I have lived a blessed life and have been fortunate to have fine friends along the way.

Thanks Bob Nalls when you see this...hope to see you soon bro. Maybe I will remember more to this it is written now... this sums it up real well. Moral of the story: Always have

something good to say stored away in memory so you do not pull a very unimpressive impersonation

of Steve ! : ) If you got this far, Thanks for reading and now check out the story of the Burning Bush

I blogged a few days ago...UNBELIEVABLE !!!

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