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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wish for a Crab Cake Sandwhich

This is one for the often do we all really eat crab cakes? What a delicacy. Well, we do not eat them often, and even live in Maryland! Rhonda and I were watching television one late evening and she said, out of the complete blue, "I sure could eat a crab cake sandwich." I said sounds good to me too. Well... just so happened that our friend who lives here and rented a room from me worked at a restaurant. He came home and knocked, which he rarely did as he worked late. We answered the door and he had, indeed, a crab cake sandwich in a bag that was leftover from work because someone could not pay for their delivery. This was the only crabcake sandwhich he ever brought us in over a year! Needless to say, Rhonda and I shared in consuming it together and delighted in it with laughter. Nothing like a fun filled favorite free meal from a friend and a wish being answered all at the same time. Random acts of kindness really do have an effect. Thanks Kenny for the sandwich...we love you man. Well, I sure could use a crab cake sandwich.

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