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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Day Stevie Ray Vaughn Passed

I was driving down route 236 (Little River Turnpike) in Fairfax, Virginia on my way to college at Geore Mason Unniversity. I was listening to DC101, as I have all my life and still do when visitng the area. A news brief came on the air and said we may very well had just lost Eric Clapton in a helicopter crash. I was in shock...I knew he was a legend...however I had not yet studied Clapton in depth. I had as a matter of fact just gotten his latest release "Journeyman" and absolutely loved it. I was in shock. That may sound silly, but I am a musician and absolutely love music. We just lost a living legend so I thought. How tragic. A short time later after the first announcement, a secon announcement said that Eric Clapton was just fine...I sighed in releif. Then it was stated that Stevie Ray Vaughn had perished in the helicopter that had crashed, along with several others. Talk about a double kick in the guts. Man what a way to hear such tragic news. Needless to say I never got to see Stevie Ray Vayghn perform live, and I did not miss my first chance to see Clapton live. It is times like this when I step back and think...well...thanks God for giving us Stevie and his legendary music. One day I will be at that great concert in the sky and I will play with him there, and for that I can wait. That eases my soul knowing that. So...Thanks Stevie Ray for great tunes. Cmment on what you like, however, if you remember where you were and what was happening when you heard...state that here. It is an idelible impression in my life.