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Friday, May 21, 2010


ComScore It’s Time – emit sti

Perhaps this is babble you say,
He molded us with clay,
Gave us a beautiful day,
Which we chose to give away.

The age of understanding is here,
He makes this abundantly clear,
Babble in the past, we communicate with ease,
Matters not that you speak English or Chinese.

Arizona is lost, Korea to war?,
England and the US are both kind of sore,
BP, well…sux, assholes and liars I say,
The New Orleans Marsh on death’s bed lay.

It is time to come together,
Cut the binds that have us tethered,
Do what’s right and save each other,
In the end all you have is one another.

Did you see the Earth Quakes,
Already old news,
Thousands starving,
What are we to do?

Tornados are coming now,
Hurricanes follow suite,
I heard about a volcano,
Was that a week ago or two?

It time speeding up,
Is that comprehensible,
I know that its happening,
Its just that is not sensible

The Space Shuttle just flew it’s last flight…WHAT ???
How does that make any sense,
Seems kind of odd that we designed this for decades,
And now its simply good riddance?

But either are any of these things coming next,
Words are beautiful things once written with text,
Sentences they make and create fluid thought,
Only love can share what simply can’t be bought

That is all the wisdom we need on this earth
Sin should not have a right to live here
But borders we draw and things we must own
And at each other we curse

Check out my recent news
Google and wikipedia will do,
You ought to take a look,
Hard to take my word for true

This has all already happened,
So open up your eyes,
Perspective places a truer image upon your mind,
So we can all stop living all these lies

An empty Russian ocean,
We needed water instead over there,
Did we not learn anything from Mother Nature,
Act as if we just don’t care.

One day near Cumberland we had some snow,
The next is was gone as it was to warm to stay,
The 60 mile per hour winds just whipped it away,
Then came the sun an it nearly reached 90 the following day.

In Colorado one beautiful evening it was a sunny 55,
The sunset, as we car traveled 50 miles back to Beaver Creek,
Whence, suddenly it was snowing and blustery all over the street.
Only halfway back, a blizzard we were now in, a windy 13 degress.

Clear cut forests and strip mining,
do not a graceful landscape make,
We continue to spread this disease,
Across our Earths so pretty face.

Earth above has no apostrophe,
For one can not own her,
She is free in whimsical flight,
Enjoy, sit back, observe.

Where I am there is no war,
We see rainbows all the time around here,
We live simple lives that are balanced being beautiful and tough,
But what we have, we are not greedy, we share

Sure a personal skirmish may happen,
But we are here to set them straight,
Because when we work together,
We all walk towards Heavens gate

We have lush forests still, even some old growth now rare
We have Appalachia in us because we keep it everywhere,
You cannot take it from us because it’s in our soul
These mountains provide and protect and hold us all so well.

Only chosen people can find us,
But everyone is welcome to come,
Just look for us in the mountains,
We’ll be expecting you , you’ll meet the Son.