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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


THIS IS MY FIRST POSTING, WHICH I JUST ADDED MY MUSIC PLAYER TOO...LIVE STREAMING ORIGINAL MUSIC BY MY MUSICAL EXPRESSION, MOBIUSTRIPZ...ENJOY "rokkinroll", steve swygert of MobiusTripz The Blog is evolving, and is often times a real serious topic, a recipe, a poem, a thought, a tech challenge issue, and sometimes a brain storm of writing, nutty sounding stuff at times with poor punctuation and a bad flow of thoughts. Sometimes I write and it flows a little unorganized, but if I think it may have decent worthwhile content, it gets slammed up to share in case tomorrow I check out of here...hope you understand. Prayers help, so if you pray please think of me, as i will you, even if we have never once met, in spirit, all things are possible! Do not let the semantics and politics of life separate us from Our Collective God, no matter your own beliefs, accept all wholesome theologies and we will all make this a better place for us and our future, the children. I have been ill with a broken back, severely broken back, and I have always been a writer and poet and musician, so I am putting together what I can while time, at times, appears short for me...but hopefully I will glide along, clean the blog up slowly, and add better and better content for my followers and friends, one in the same. Visit, bookmark and enjoy... If you google "swygert hrdc" you can see my featured writing from the U.S. Department of Energy, that was and is quite a honor, and as a proponent and catalyst to the green movement...well, please read has been read worldwide countless times...all I can say is WOW! Working on some books, some science, and you may enjoy the tech challenges if your a scientist, gadget guru, computer literate, electrician, professor, philosopher, ad infinitum. Just Enjoy and find some songs you like while you read...I have a huge volume of home brewed tunes, they are all me on each instrument and vocals, and mark the age of the digital age of music along with this fascinating time we transveres together. Lyrics are available here, at,, and please join those mailing lists too and feel free to share and pass them along. or simply repost That's the musical home page: Thanks friends and fans alaike! Peace, Steve of MobiusTripz
ComScore This will be all about Cumberland, Maryland. Mostly... we will want to record and share history about this community. I want to hear any story anyone wants to post. Directions on how to go hiking and camping, all about your own hiking or camping trip, funny stories, old family stories, stories about how the area has changed, politics, the lack of industry (pros and cons)volunteer community service, folklore, ad infinitum.