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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wonderful things to do in this incredible area.

Western Maryland, or Mountain Maryland as it is well known, is an area that just grows on you . I knew I would live here the first time I ever arrived in town and that is about 18 to 20 years ago now, and I have now lived here 10. I have never regreted it once. I have fished, hiked, camped, enjoyed Blugrass music (some festivals), traveled, learned and enhanced my life. Do not get me wrong, life gets tough, but there is a spirit here that helps one to persevere. I hope you will enjoy the posting here and post onto the page often as well. I We need everyone that visits here to write just for a few minutes before we are abl;ee to record some wonderful things about our area. We can post things up later with yard sales, freebies, concerts, bingo, etc...this can be a fun place for all to visit everyday. SEE you soon !!!

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