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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Burning Bush 2010

May 07, 2010

So here is my true version of the burning bush for 2010...are you ready for a laugh. On a side note, while reading yesterday, I learned that it was The Word that first existed. That is a story for another time. I have a fire pit in my backyard, and it is big. I gather there often with loved ones and friends... really one in the same. Well yesterday my neighbor threw two rhodedendruns into the fire, and little did he know we had hot coals still in the pit. I saw them smoking and so did he. He knew I was not mad at him per se, but at the same time I was upset about the bushes alive still with so much life and even flowers. He told me to plant them in a sardonic tone I may add, as I imagine he saw genuine hurt or disgust on my face or something close to that nature, as he had dug these bushes up in full bloom. I removed them each and lay the smaller one in the grass. I took the largest by hand and walked around from the back yard to the front yard and the wind blew...I had a thought of the bush burning while I am holding it in my hand and how this would appear to anyone else that may be watching (lots of neighbors, I live in the city, and it was after work hours with folks outside)...and at that time it became alive with flames as the wind gently aired the embers into fire...quite a sight I may say, a bush in full bloom, burning in my hand, while I casually walk to it's new home to plant it. I put the flames out after calling for my fiance, because I just had to have her see me with this in my hand. I then planted it. There were other things going on at these times of these events. At the fire pit upon first obsereving them I knew that I must save them as I was shocked they were entire bushes and not clippings. I then new I shall save them but was not quite motivated as I was preoccupied with my own plansfor my day (selfish). I new I was to save these bushes, and I really wanted some for our front yard so I felt blessed to see them in the fire pit, yet salvageable. My bushes that I had spoke of only a day before were now in my yard. So there I am with bush in hand. I knew it would catch on fire if things were just right, and of course, things were just right, I knew this was a moment that no one would soon forget. So there it wa sin my hand burning, me calling for my fiance, who happened to already be observing me and said how weird it looked to see me calling her and what do I have in hand but a burning bush. Hillarious! She observes that I am calm. I then brought it and the second one to a suitable place, a garden at the front of the home, and planted them and quickly brought each two gallons of water each. Now I must maintain them as they get re-established. The End

These times in life are incredible.

Food for thought:

When the first story of the burning bush was told it was at a time when man needed basic rules, often now seemingly forgotten. This burning bush is about saviour and being snatched out of a pit of fire and reborn. The story and events that transpired are hilarious in every aspect, and I have not told it once without hardy laughter, however the lesson is as strong and as old as is the word. I hope this story gives you great laughter and a sense of freedom in the soul while you laugh and I hope it sparks a pondering inside that is unstoppable...pass this true story along and tell whatever part you like. The last and most beautiful thing about this story is that pretty much no matter how it is told and in what words, the basic fundamental message cannot be changed. Words are powerful but merely concepts. Messages always arrive symbollicly. The universal language is that of symbols. Symbols are visually deciphered by all of us the same way regaurdless of if they are backwards or not, and this is not so all the time with letters that compose words, and often a very similar looking like an m and an n. One must carefully examine what follows in oreder to see which figure is which, how often it occurs and spacing...certainly not at all effective to communicate. mnmmmnnnmmnmnmnmmnmn. Looks almost like what someone may say or a noise one would make after eating an Oreo then that could evolve to the symbol of a cookie. I think all children know what a cookie is, and at least if some do not, they too certainly should in this day and age. There was a time in language where some people (tribes) were either confused or purposely wrote backwards, perhaps even spoke backwards as evidence would show from reading ancient writings and studying ancient artifacts, and examining photos of artifacts. DaVinci is alone a great example as he wrote backwards (like as in a mirror, not just with the letters in the opposite positions but rather entirely backwards to the extreme). Here is yet another odd example. Just look on wikipedia for the city of "Nineveh", a city first mentioned in Genesis. It is across the river from what is now Mosul. You must think at this point and read what is at this link, otherwise, unless you have this knowledge, the rest of what you read here may not make much sense what so ever. Please read the links. Near where I reside is a city called Piken, ( I reside in Cumberland, maryland, and this city is in Maryland as well) however the way it is spelled is rather opposite of what we think as common today. if you look on a map it is Nekip.,_Maryland,,_Maryland, go ahead and look at the link and observe the map, They are indeed one of the same, and the only real way to believe is either heed the word here or go visit some locals. If you know of another town named and spelled like this, I want to hear about it, this is a fascinating occurence. Well, I hope the story was entertaing and perhaps left you scratching your head. God Bless, Steve Swygert (John)

Post back absolutely anything you think...whatever comes to mind...I would like stories, experiences, reading materials etc.

I am looking forward to sharing these things with each of you...just share what you feel right now.

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