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Friday, May 7, 2010

Spoke to my friend TC Tolliver from the Plasmatics today

Do you know a real punk rocker ?...I do !

TC Tolliver of The Plasmatics

Today I spoke with my friend who is an incredible inspiration. He was first a friend, and then I discovered that he played drums...he said it rather mundanely in nature back then when we met maybe in 1986 or 87 roughly. I asked him what what the bands name and he said The Plasmatics. I was, as usual, is about staying in tune...anyway...I caught up with him on facebook recently a few times...but the best was today. We always connected so cool ...on only meeting a handful of times, we worked close by to one another, he drove a Cadillac, he had been the drummer of The Plasmatics, an internationally know hard core all out real life punk rock band like none other before it or after. There reputation proceeds their music and their music ain't that bad to say the least. TC will fill in details as we get this blog posting started. He one day came into work where I worked and his hair was as big as the picture I posted here...he said it's cool so check it out. Well I sent him some of my poetry...thought he would dig its cool vibes...he said he loved it and that was like a huge compliment from a friend like TC...see on a handful of chance meetings we have a bond that is deep, and we each remember when we have met. He is cool to come to my home and I to his on the Jersey Shore. That is friendship. I have had many I have know longer never once offer such explicit welcomeness. In a few more words we shared that day, he immediately knew I was filled with light and loved the same God as he. So back to the story...imagine him walking into my work and I have always seen him wearing a beret...well not this day...TC has a fro that went from his shoulders to the ceiling like he was walking and 10000 volts were blasting friend fell on the floor laughing in shock...NOT HATE...he said look at that dude...I looked and gently said...Hey TC...(the picture is great but truly does no justice to the hair from that day)
Tony ...looking up from behind the counter at the parts store we worked at stared up at me from where he had bent hiding ashamed of laughing at someone not realizing it was pure shock of seeing something he had never expected. TC said hey back and Tony was staring at me and looked even now more shocked that I knew this "Dude"...I was the young son of an Army Colonel and here was a punk rocker for real...and we are and remain friends. Those are the times that transcend the future. I will never forget the shock on Tony's face...this was wild for that day and age. SHOCKING...Next time I saw TC we were in line paying traffic infractions at the Fairfax County Courthouse...not fun by itself...but what a great place to run into TC and have a chat and make what looked only moments ago terrible ended up being a great time to chat with a friend...until we meet again. TC is Lenny Kravitz cool...warmth and friendliness seem to surround him and he has had an awesome life that he will testify about on occasion here...hopefully often. Yesterday I had a chat with him and just asked him if I could include him in my blog...he was like...of bro...go for it...and I just wanted to say thanks bro for granting me a liberal license on my trust with you alone. I hope you dig my tune (poem) I wrote. I posted it up here for anyone else to read...I think it will bring an air of PEACE over you if you take a moment to read it and do enjoy please. So from me and TC...Peace to all and thanks for those that have helped on the way and hope to see you each soon. By the poem is Lenny Kravitz cool too...check it out and write to me or TC here...Peace and Love all

More to be posted soon and please check the poem out and I would love feed back from everyone.

TC said after reading it...very it !!!!!!!

Poem is posted under a blog titled, "Vibrating Universe"

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