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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Driving millions of miles in just days

Went to jefferson Island with my folks, fiance, and her daughter Richele...left Cumberland, Maryland (home) and drove to Alexandria, Virginia...then after 30 to Richmond, Virginia to pick up Richele and attend a birthday party for Stevie...Happy Birthday bro...then back to Alexandria, Virginia...after four hours of sleep it was off to the Jefferson Island Club on Jefferson Island in the brackish part of the Potomac just below the Chesapeak Bay. This is a beautiful island with a rich heritage. Many, many noteworthy people have used the same toilets there that we have...lmao...PRESIDENTS...what a laugh...anyways...while we are there at the crab feast having a grand old time we are getting hot...oh yeah, did I mention it was 107 degrees with the driving the day before and that we were in the old 92 Benz diesel...NO air conditioning...WE DRANK WATER NON STOP...we had a water open the entire trip...wind in the hair and cruising like we were teenagers...and it was COOL...we actually enjoyed it and it was funny seeing most all other cars on the trip with windows up !!!...any way...back to the island...we are getting hot now we swam in there 50 year old pool that was filled with river cooled us off so well as I sipped on my 10 oz. Bud Light...let me add too that I have a case of gout that had me in tears at my sister's house last night where we stopped on the way home from Richmond...still hurts today...BADLY...hours later it is time for the boat ride back to the we are leaving the island by car now, following Dad down the rural routes when this massive down draft just starts blowing leaves all cautiously stopped in the road while some idiots passed by is...I, of course, stopped behind Dad...I feel like i ought to follow him as he is a West Point Colonel who has navigated safe returns from Korea and Viet Nam we wait and watch...we did not have to be in the same car to share the same thoughts...WHERE IS THE TORNADO???...what a threatening storm...subsequently...or before hand...this storm was responsible for knocking out power to over 85, 000 homes in the Washington Metroploitan Area...NO TORNADO SPOTTED...onward James...beautiful beams of light are now broadly shining upon the ground from a dark cloud now backlit with intense sun light...the beams are heavenly and are wider then anything I have ever seen like this before...we had to stop and appreciate the is cruising along now without us, so he turns around to make sure we are o.k....time to leave as Dad arrives...finally back in Alexandria we rest up for an hour and head out to Cumberland, Maryland...the most incredible sunset I have ever seen...the further West we drove the more intense the colors God's tapestry being painted by the Master himself right before our eyes...It was by far the most incredible sunset I have ever seen. We finally arrive home on what seemed a short drive...Rhonda has school tomorrow and then we leave back to Alexandria, Virginia so she and Richele and other family can all attend Mary Poppins at the Kennedy Center...My father was nice enough to invite everyone along. Time for me to get some rest off this gouty foot...what an intense's late now on Tuesday evening July 27, 2010 and everyone is coming in the house...I get an Angus burger from McDonald's for my dinner...and I usually am not a big Micky D's fan...but this is a good sandwhich tonight...just what the doctor ordered....after chatting a few hours it is time to drive back 150 miles to Cumberland, yet we are trying to get back into a normal grind...however...this Sunday is the Texas A and M alumni picnic at Fort for a few days I have a driving break...seems like July and August can get like this...what a blast and what a lot to do when I look back over just a few is just that this older body and mind, however much wiser, just does not bounce back like it once did...but hey...I can still roll with the best of them when it is time to travel. Life id certainly one beautiful and great adventure...I hope I will see some of you along my travels, and will write about them as I can. The dogs and cats are ok...we leave out 20 lbs of food and two five gallon buckets of water for the dogs...and do a similar gig for the cats...they watch themselves...the garden did o.k. in the heat, but we lost some ferns and flowers...peppers appear to have loved the intense heat, tomatoes need my attention this week as does the basil. The garden has been wonderful and so far we have had several peppers and a zuchinni...egg plant looking great, watermelon on the vine, lettuce...needs my help...Cucumber doing well...the grass is roached...I am glad it is just cooling off finally...been brutal...The seasons do appear to be changing and the temperatures, the timing of blooms, and fruit and vegetable harvesting tends to shed a lot of light on this...we do not need science to see what is happening...intense storm and beautiful sunset, two days after a record setting 107 sidewalk egg frying kind of a day, the back to the mountains where it is still barn burning hot in the day and thankfully cools off some at night. My mind easily thinks ahead to the wood stove and the preperations I have to do for the upcoming the pipe, attach it, test burn, get 3 cords of wood, and winter will be here before you know it...still have to sail the boat and cook a lot of BBQ's...summer should stretch into September this year...maybe later...and winter...well...I can wait!