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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Time for Change - Final Version for Newspaper (Cumberland Times News

Why are we going to spend money for parking downtown? The intent for the downtown “mall” area is specifically what it has been used for, farmer’s markets, entertainment, and special events. Will we have to look over our shoulders for a car while shopping for vegetables?
Baltimore Street and Mechanic Street is another example of possible waste during tough economic times. We do not need to replace/repair the traffic light system. Stop signs are proving to work safely. Please table the idea and focus on a real issue!
Then there is the liquor board fiasco that makes Cumberland look like the laughing stock of the state!
I appreciate the resignation of Mr. Delaney. That was the wisest step towards healing. I appreciate and respect a man who stands up for what he believes in, and has the common sense to step aside when the time is right. Kudos! Let the healing begin.
Rocky Gap is another botched mess! We are now about to put the lodge on the chopping block!
We lost the land on James Day drive (city decommissioned a park and sold it) behind my home. This was seemingly criminal! Let’s not lose more valuable assets.
I wrote a letter to the paper that was published about how to negotiate for a more reasonable garbage rate, thus saving money.
I have lived here ten years. I missed the filing deadline to run for mayor, but I will happily run as a write in candidate. Please write in John S. Swygert at the election.
My policy will be an, “open book” policy. I will address the public often at a local venue. The entire city would be welcome to meetings and have a voice. I would work as a team leader to support sensible projects i.e., community healing and growth, development of a free community center, support our local artists (perhaps our most valuable asset promoting tourism next to geography and history), and demand less crime, to name a few.
Mayor Fiedler, thanks for years of dedicated service. Thanks for your vision to know when it is time to step down. I would certainly be looking to you to be on my advisory staff when I am elected to be the Mayor of Cumberland.
Sheriff Goad, I bid you a farewell into your retirement as well. You too suffered through some ridiculous political turmoil. Thanks for your perseverance and leadership.
The writing is on the wall! Who will lead us through this terrible economic time? Who has vision and can work “well” with others? I can and promise too.
The future is in our collective hands. It is time to vote for new leadership that has a collective vision. I will build a team and demand swift professional progress and cohesive efficiency.
I do not see any “collective” vision in the current candidates. I see individuals that are running to displace those in office who they are not happy with. This is a possibly very dangerous and detrimental scenario to our city.
We need an open public forum of the candidates. We need to hear in person more about issues like, future economic growth, street repairs, homelessness and poverty, long term planning, attracting new businesses, etc.
I suggest we organize an “invite” to the candidates and hold it at Canal Place. Let’s find out what these candidates represent.
If you are interested in helping me organize this event, I can be reached at 240 345 5654
The time for change and action is now!

John S. Swygert